How to Gain Penis Girth and Length Naturally

The size of the penis is lately becoming a major concern among many men. Sexual life is being taken more seriously and partners do almost anything to make it better. One of the most common measures taken is to increase the length and girth of the penis. This comes along with increased confidence of the man and consequently, improved sexual performance. There are various ways of gaining penis size, ranging from surgical procedures to simply eating some types of food.

This article is going to cover some of the natural ways in which you can achieve success in the penile girth gain.

How to increase Penis Girth and Length naturally?

Keep in mind that the process of penis enlargement using natural methods is a long term commitment. The results also vary among different men so there is no absolute gain that can be guaranteed at the end of a specific time.

There are various types of exercises that are meant to increase the size of penis naturally. These exercises include PC Muscle Exercise/ Kegel, penis stretching and Jelqing.

gaining penile girth and length

PC muscle exercise

This exercises are considered the most effective due to the fact that they help increase both the length and girth of penis. It also helps a man to get better control on ejaculation. In order to do the exercises, you must first locate the PC muscle. It is located in between the scrotum and anus. You can identify it by trying to move your erect penis left and right. The muscle responsible for that movement is the PC muscle.

First PC muscle

The objective here is to increase the flow of blood into the penis during an erection. The idea is to contract the PC muscle as hard as you can and then release it immediately. Do it 24 times and rest for 2 to 5 seconds before you begin the second set. Five sets per day for four days per week is what is recommended for the best results.

Second PC muscle

For this one the contraction process described in the first exercise has to be connected with breathing. Start by relaxing and breathing easily. Gradually contract the PC muscle until the deepest point is reached and you are unable to go further. When at this point, hold your breath for 20 seconds and then gradually relax your PC muscle. Keep increasing the number of seconds every time you do the exercise.

Penis Stretching exercise

This exercise mainly focuses on increasing the length of the penis. Proper lubrication is required before starting the exercise to avoid discomfort, pain and irritation of the skin. The two variations of this exercise are;

Twirl method

Create an ‘OK’ sign with your thumb and forefinger then hold the top of the penis and start moving it right, left, downward and upward position gently and slowly. Rotate the penis 5 times in one direction and five times in the opposite direction. It will help you to improve your dick girth.

Pull and slap method

Start the exact same way as in the twirl method but instead of rotating the penis, slap it into your left hand 15 times and then into your right leg 15 times. This is the natural method that will enlarge your dick length considerably.

Jelqing techniques

Also known as milking due to the similar movements. Hold the base of the penis between your thumb and forefinger and move it to the top of the penis. Do the same with your other hand before you let go and with the first and keep doing it just as if you were milking a cow. Make sure you hold any urge for ejaculation if it comes.

Proven Way to Gain Penis Length and Girth

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