Phallosan Forte vs SizeGenetics – Review and Comparison

Phallosan Forte vs SizeGenetics: Carried out some extensive research on penis extenders? but still unable to make a decision, this comparison review will help you out. You will be investing your time and money to get the particular goals that you are aiming for so getting the best should be a priority. Both Phallosan Forte and SizeGenetics are among the top rated and best selling dick extenders in the current market. Only a few differences in terms of features and appearance separate them.

phallosan forte vs sizegenetics comparison

Comparison of Phallosan Forte VS Sizegenetics

Instead of getting robotic jelqing machine, you should go for some penis extender which always works. Phallosan vs Sizegenetics are two main brand in the male enhancement industries and almost 70% of people consumers of this sector are using it.

About the maker

Phallosan Forte extender device is manufactured by a Malta-based medical equipment manufacturer known as Texana Manufacturing Ltd. Swiss Sana Anstalt, based out of a European country know as Liechtenstein, are responsible for selling it.

The SizeGenetics brand has changed hands quite a number of times, but is currently owned by a DanaMedicApS, a Denmark based company.

Uses and Results

As per their name, penis-stretching devices usually have a main purpose of improving the penis size. The idea behind all of them is that applying a traction force constantly for extended periods of time will promote a natural growth in the tissues of the penis, helping to permanently elongate the penis. Both the Phallosan Forte or SizeGenetics offer great results as they all use the same principle.

Working mechanism of Sizegenetics and Phallosan

SizeGenetics works by pulling the penis using a rubber strap fastener, which is wrapped securely just below the penis glans. It considered as one of the best alternative to phallosan. It allows stretching of the penis either upwards or downwards. Phallosan Forte on the other hand, uses a belt system to stretch the penis. It has a headpiece that attaches to the glans through a vacuum seal, allowing you to pull your penis using the attached belts. The belts wrap around your hips, stretching the penis in a sideways direction.

Ease of use

Using any of these products for the first time might be a little confusing, but a little practice will make it feel like second nature. Comparing SizeGenetics and Phallosan Forte however, the Phallosan seems to be a bit easier to handle. It also comes with very clear instructions that are easy to understand and follow, including explanation videos.


SizeGenetics comes with lots of comfort plasters, which are meant to prevent slippage and rubbing. This goes a long way in trying to make it more comfortable. However, using it for extended periods of time, as should, makes you experience some discomfort. Performing daily activities while wearing it may also be a bit challenging. Phallosan Forte is more comfortable for usage over extended time. it is easy to wear it under your clothes and continue with your daily activities, without it getting noticed.


When it comes to penis extenders, pain does not equal gains in any way. Safety concerns associated with SizeGenetics include circulation cut-off to the glans. This makes it necessary to keep taking breaks after every few hours to restore circulation. For the Phallosan Forte, the glans selling a little and getting pale are the only side effects. Everything usually goes back to normal as soon as the device is removed.

You can order phallosan online at discounted rate with the help of promo codes and coupons. They also offer Free Shipping and 100% Satisfaction guarantee too.

Which is best, Phallosan or SizeGenetics?

The SizeGenetics is a great product, which does deliver results. The Phallosan Forte is however, the better product as in addition to delivering results, is more comfortable and easier to use. Both of them increase your Flaccid Size naturally without taking any harmful pills or surgery.

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