Do Women Like Curved Penis – How to Fix It?

Are you wondering if women like a curved penis or not? Find out the in-depth answer and solution to get it fixed.

It is normal for a man to have a slightly bent penis when erect. The penis may bend to the right or left side. However, when the penis bending becomes too much, it calls for concern among the men. This concern and how it affects women during sex will be the focus of this discussion.

What is a Crooked Penis?

A crooked penis is a bent penis. As earlier mentioned, a slight benton the left or right side of an erect penis is quite normal. However, a crooked penis is that which has bent too much to the side. When it bends too much, it becomes a crooked penis. This is a concern that most men should immediately seek ways of solving.

What Causes a Dick to Bend?

A number of causes may lead to a crooked penis. One of the causes is the Peyronie’s disease. When affected by this disease, a man’s penis bends and it becomes painful when engaging in sex.

Another reason is lack of exercise. It is required of a man to exercise his penis regularly to keep it straight. When a penis is not exercised, it might bend to the side and become a crooked penis.

Do Women Like Curved Penis?

Sexual preference is a personal choice. However, most women do not like a man with a bent penis. It has sexual drawbacks for women when engaging in sex. We will provide the top reasons why women do not like a curved penis.

women like bent penis or not?

  • Is short

There is a general preference when it comes to the size of a penis a woman would want to have sex with. Most women prefer long penis. However, a bent penis cannot be as long as it should be because it has a sharp bend. This makes it unpopular amongst women.

  • Hardness

Again, a bent penis cannot be as hard as a straight penis. For a penis to bend, it must loose its hardness. This is why women do not like a bent penis because they prefer hard penis when having sex.

  • Fast penetration

In the heat of a sexual intercourse, a woman would want straight penis that becomes easy to push and pull. This kind of fast push and pull is what makes women have the best orgasms. With a bent penis, it becomes hard to push and pull fast because of the bend on the penis.

From above, it is clear that women do not want a man with a curved penis.

How to Straighten Your Dick?

Now that you know that women do not prefer curved penis, it is important to straighten your penis as a way of improving your sex life. You should also do yoga to treat Peyronie’s Disease at home.

Using Phallosan Forte is the best way of straightening curved penis. Here are some of the reasons why you should use Phallosan Forte when straightening your penis.

Why use Phallosan Forte?

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With Phallosan Forte, you need not to worry about your bent penis, you can straighten it easily and give your woman the kind of sex she wants.

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