Best Penis Enlargement Oil and Cream

Penis enlargement oils, gel, and creams are an alternative for increasing the size of your penis. In those forms, you simply need to massage your penis with them and wait for the results. they are non-invasive and very safe, making them very popular among men who wish to avoid surgical procedures and are uncomfortable wearing extenders throughout the day.

Best Penis Enlargement Oil and Creams

There are many dick enlargement creams and oils available in the current market, but not all are of the same quality. Some of the best ones that you should try out are highlighted below.

penis enlargement oil and cream

VigRX Oil – Best Enhancement Cream

VigRX Oil is made from a combination of ingredients that are effective in getting you a longer lasting erection, increased seminal fluid, and reduced chances of having premature ejaculations during intercourse. Using this product can literally allow you to enjoy an entire night of continuous love making.


The main ingredient in VigRX Oil is Gingko Biloba that helps with faster blood flow to the penis for erection as well as relaxing the penis muscle known as corpus cavernosum. Icarin is also present, used specifically to increase erection size. Other main ingredients include water, Shea butter, vitamin C, Aloe Vera gel, and apricot kernel oil. Given that the ingredients used are natural, chances of any undesired side effects are almost nil. All these ingredients make it no #1 penis enlargement oil that works instantly.


VigRX Oil is sold in packages that are to last specific times. The least that you can get is the monthly package which goes for $49.95 and does not come with any bonus. The most economical is the 12 month package which goes for $399.95, helping you save a total of $150. It also comes with a bonus gift of one bottle of Semenax and zero costs for shipping to any address in the US.


VigRX Oil offers instant results, with the rigidity and strength of your erection being increased. You can even use it with your preferred condom given that it is non-sticky and compatible with condoms.

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ProSolution Gel to Enlarge Penis

ProSolution Gel is making waves in the dick enhancement creams and gels industry. The topical enhancer is in the form of a clear gel, formulated to boost the levels of nitric oxide upon contact with the penis, which leads to an instant erection and natural penis enlargement.


The ingredients used in ProSolution Gel are L-Arginine, Aloe Vera, algae extract, bearberry extract, mango butter, vitamin C, and menthol. All the ingredients are combined in set proportions to make ProSolution Gel an incredibly sweet feeling and fast acting lube.

prosolution gel pricePerformance

ProSolution Gel promises to give you rock-solid erections, outstanding stamina, control, impressive ejaculations, increased confidence, and quick recovery for multiple sessions among other benefits.

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3.) InstantPerformer

If you are suffering from 5 inch penis girth then you should go natural enhancer. InstantPerformer is all natural male enhancer gel, having the ability to get you from limp to a solid-hard erection in an instant. You simply need to rub the gel on your penis and massage it to get absorbed then enjoy your hours of lovemaking with a hard erection.


The major ingredients in the formulation include L-Arginine, Vitamin C, pomegranate, Panax Ginseng, and Ginkgo, Biloba.


The gel works almost instantly, with only 40 seconds needed to get you to max erection. Its effects can last up to 2 hours. I would suggest you to order phallosan along with such cream and oil to increase dick length permanently.

Should You Use Cream or Oil to Enlarge Dick?

Creams, oils, or gels are a great option for penis enlargement without surgery, and works quit effectively. If you have any problems getting or maintaining a big erection during sexual intercourse, you should try using them.

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