Posterior Fornix Orgasm Simulator – How to Give Culdesac

If you are wondering how to give her Posterior Fornix Orgasm or simulator that can hit Culdesac then you are landed on right page.

Fornix of the vagina, also known as the fornix vaginae, refers to the superior portions of the vagina, which extends to the recesses that are created by the vaginal portion of the cervix. ‘Fornix’ is a Latin word which translates to ‘arch’. The number of named fornices is four. One of them is the posterior fornix, the larger recess which is located behind the cervix, close to the recto-uterine pouch.
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Posterior Fornix Orgasm

There are many types of orgasms that a woman can experience among the least common one being the posterior fornix orgasm. One of the reasons as to why it is so common might be due to the fact that it is not quite easy to hit that spot during sexual intercourse. It requires certain angles to be right for both the man and woman, and the penis of the man should also be long enough to reach the cul-de-sac. It is quite easy to know when you have the right angle and perfect penetration as you will feel some sort of sac swallowing the head of your penis. The reaction of the woman can also be a great way to judge. [ Best Water Penis Pump ]

Posterior Fornix Orgasm

How to make a woman get a Posterior Fornix (Culdesac) Orgasm?

Position is the key factor for this milestone to be accomplished through penetration. You should penetrate from behind and go in as deep as you possibly can. If you have small penis then you should try phallosan to gain size and girth. Next step is to move her into different angles, trying to adjust her in order to the little pocket. Adjust her until you feel the little pocket covering the head of your penis. You will also notice some different reactions from the woman such as heavier breathing and less talking. If you are doing it right, she is likely to even mourn and scream so loud, encouraging you to pound her even harder and faster.

Now that you have found the perfect position, the next step is trying to get her to orgasm. You need to be able to use any of your preferred ejaculation techniques to ensure that you remain as hard as you possibly can without ejaculating. Start with slow and steady thrusts while caressing her with your hands and playing with her clit. Keep this going for some time then begin to gradually increase the pace. Be careful not to get swallowed in the moment and hit too hard as that might become more painful than pleasurable. Increase the pace and enjoy the moment as you see your woman get to the best orgasm ever. You can also try to time it right such that you orgasm at the same time.

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Best Posterior Fornix Simulator

Hot Vaginal Culdocentesis Simulator is a model that consists of cortex, uterus, fixed abdominal visceral organs, vagina, rectal water sac, uterine-rectal haematodocha and the stand. Cortex is what covers the whole body. The stand is used to hold the entire model, keeping its breech up and therefore making its operation simple. Some of the main features include;

  • The materials used are advanced, having soft and elastic skin that gives it a true feeling and real pathological tissue
  • The anatomical positions are all correct

If you don’t want to use any of such simulator then you should have enough size of Penis to hit Culdesac. In order to increase your penis size and give Posterior Fornix to your partner you can use phallosan or penimaster pro or any other extender. That is safe and give you natural boost.

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Edging Technique to Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation

Edging Technique is one of the most common and effective ways to prolong arousal and increase the pleasure obtained from sex. It can also be referred to as Surfing or Peaking. It can be practiced alone or with a partner, where you maintain a high level of sexual arousal for as long as you possibly can without getting an orgasm. When done by men, the practitioner will enjoy stimulation and not have to wait through a refractory period which is common after getting an orgasm. When you finally decide to allow an orgasm, you will get physical sensations that are much stronger and way more pleasurable as compared to the conventional orgasm.

Advantages of the edging technique

  • Treatment for premature ejaculation

When you build up over and over during the edging process, you will actually be training yourself to achieve total control over your ejaculations. You will know how to go beyond the point of no return without losing any control. This means that only you gets to decide the time when you will have an orgasm, irrespective of how intense the sexual stimulation will be. You can use that along with your Phallosan extender to gain more result.

  • Help with erectile dysfunction

For those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, you should take edging as a prescription to get over the problem. Whenever you get an erection, you will be exercising the smooth penis muscles, which in turn reinforces a healthier and harder penis. Edging works best especially when done properly, due to the fact that you will stay at your near peak size and hardness for longer periods of time. You can also gain penis girth and length using it.

If the erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological reasons, edging will give you all the confidence that you need for your next sex session.

  • Penis enlargement

Edging can be combined with some other standard exercises to achieve good results when it comes to penis enlargement. Penis stretching, jelqing and girth exercises works best when combined with edging.

  • Boost semen output

Reports have shown that the quantity and quality of semen output is increased when the edging technique is used. The semen power and distance will also be improved. This will boost confidence and might be quit beneficiary for couples trying to get a baby.

  • Pleasure your partner more

You will also be increasing your chances of bringing your partner to an orgasm when you use the edging technique.

How to do edging effectively for Premature Ejaculation?

  1. Find time and privacy

You require at least 20 minutes for an edging session which should have no distractions. Ensure that you are in a private and comfortable place.

  1. Lubrication

Always use some good lubrication if you want to practice edging without a partner i.e. through masturbation. [ Phallosan Forte Gain ]

  1. Masturbation

Start by stroking the base of your penis and move slowly towards the frenulum. You can avoid the frenulum which is the most sensitive part, at least until you master control of your urge to ejaculate, or until when you are now ready to ejaculate.

  1. Nearing the PONR

When the urge to ejaculate becomes too much, move back to the base where it is less sensitive. [ Andropenis Review ]

  1. Reaching PONR

When you get past this point, you will experience an orgasm. Stop your sexual stimulation entirely and wait until the desire to ejaculate has passed before you resume stroking. [ Best Water Based Penis Pump ]

Edging Technique – Can You do that?

Mastering the edging technique will by all means, change your sexual experiences to the better. You will experience very intense orgasms and pleasure your partner even more. All it takes is a little self-control and you will stand to gain the many benefits that come with it.

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Phallosan Forte vs PeniMaster Pro – Comparison and Review

Penis pumps like Phallosan Forte and Penimaster Pro looks same and due to that we confused in buying best extender. I just complied detailed review and comparison post for you to easily select best out of them.

Compare The Phallosan Forte Vs PeniMaster Pro

Phallosan Forte is a unique penis extender that is patented, invented in Germany back in 2001. It employs the vacuum powered technology to deliver results that are permanent, faster.  You wear it sideways using a soft belt that is orthopedic. The extender is FDA approved and can be found in pharmacies across Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The PeniMaster Pro is in many ways similar to thePhallosan forte. It is the complete set of PeniMaster basic kit, modularly designed and comes with a belt and a vacuum ball to offer maximum results.Similar to a penis traction extender where tissues of the penis are stretched outwards, PeniMaster Pro has a connection that self-adapts to the glans and pulls it gently.

phallosan forte vs penimaster pro comparison

Advantages of the Phallosan Forte and PeniMaster pro

  • Increase length of the penis

When the penis is exposed to stresses such as tension or pressure, new tissues develop through a process known as cellular division. It is this principle that is used by the Phallosan Forte to extend the length of the penis. The penis extenders extends the penis without causing any damage to the blood vessels or any nerves.

  • Correction of Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature

Congenital curvature and Peyronie’s disease are the two types of penile curvature. The latter is usually as a result of minor injuries or rough intercourse. Congenital curvature on the other hand, is a condition which you are born with which might have an impact on functionality. The Phallosan Forte or PeniMaster pro can be used to correct both of these conditions, helping you avoid all the other expensive and invasive options.

  • Erection quality enhancement

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men, which always lead to low esteem. The causes of this problem might range from mental to physical problems. Phallosan and PeniMaster pro are among the best options to treat this disorder. This is through the improvement of sensitivity and circulation of blood to produce erections that are harder and improve libido.

  • No side effects

The entire process has absolutely no known side effects. This is however, under the condition that you use the extender as per the instructions given.


  • Price

The price of the penis extender might make a few people reconsider, but considering the results that it offers as well as the cost of its alternatives, you will realize that it is a great bargain.

  • Wearing duration

You need to use it for months in order to achieve reasonable and permanent results. Though it is very comfortable to wear, it still can’t beat not having to wear it every day.

PeniMaster Pro and Phallosan Forte Review

Price:  The PeniMaster pro is a bit more expensive than the Phallosan Forte system. It goes for £270 including shipping while the Phallosan costs £239 without shipping.

Accessories:  Both of them come with a belt system to give you that extra hold and make it firmer.

Usage time:  Phallosan recommends that you use it for up to 8 hours per day for the best results. PeniMaster Pro on the other hand recommend only 3 to 6 hours per day for great gains.

Results:  Both methods offer great results which are all permanent. The claims from both are very similar.

Phallosan or PeniMaster – Which is best penis pump?

Any man can regain his courage and improve his performance in bed by simply using one of the two products. Comparison of PeniMaster Pro and Phallosan Forte clearly indicates that both of them offer great results and there is no way that you could really go wrong by selecting either of them. You can gain length and girth naturally without any side effects. It all boils down to a matter of preference.

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How to Measure Penis Girth and Size Properly

Learn to measure your penis length and girth correctly without any error. The size of a man’s penis is an important thing to the man’s ego. Men are always interested in knowing whether their penis sizes are within the average size. With the average size as 6 inches, you should measure the size of your penis against this average.

Things You Should be Aware before Start

Just before you start measuring your penis size, you need to be aware of a few things. Here are the most important things that you should know as you begin the process of measuring your penis size.

  1. Don’t stress about measurements

One important thing that you need to know before you start measuring your penis size is that stressing about the measurements may alter the results. Research has shown that the results of a penis measurement exercise can be altered if a person is stressed during the measurement.

  1. The temperature is a factor

You also need to know that the temperature you are in will affect the measurement you get. This is because the temperature is a factor that affects blood flow, which ultimately dictates the erection of the penis. Warm temperature will boost the blood flow inthe penis while cold temperature inhibits blood flow.

  1. Don’t worry about the size

It is also of great importance to know that the size of your penis is not in any way a determinant of your manhood. It being a non-defining characteristic of a human being, approach it as a fun activity.

  1. It is important to know your size

You need to know that measuring your penis size is an important thing. It may help you know the size of condom that you need to use. This is just one of the many reasons citing the importance of measuring your penis size.

How to Take Penis Measurements?

When taking your penis measurements, you need a rule and a measuring tape.

You should measure both the length and the girth of your penis.

Get an erection

The first thing that you need to do is to get an erection. You can use any method that you prefer to get an erection.

Calculating Penis Length

Here are the steps that you should follow when measuring your penis length:

  • When the penis is erect, use your measuring tape or ruler to measure from the pelvic bone to the tip of the penis
  • Use your ruler and press it into the groin. This compensates for pubic hair and the layer of fat
  • Place the ruler in a perpendicular position to the body

Finding Your Dick Girth

  • Use your measuring tape to wrap the widest part of your penis
  • Measure the tip of the penis separately
  • Mark the beginning and the end of the measuring tape and place it on the rule to get your measurement. [Pe bible supplement list and dosage]

Best Male Enhancement Device

Just in case you are not satisfied with your penis size, you can always use a penis enlargement device.

The best device on the market is Phallosan Forte. It is the leading male enhancement device in the market. It works well to increase the size of the penis.

Here are the benefits of Phallosan Forte:

  • Guaranteed results
  • Safe to use
  • No side effects
  • Money-back guarantee

Therefore, you can always rely on Phallosan Forte to increase the size of your penis.

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Best Water Penis Pump – Buy Penis Pump for Cheap

A penis water pump can be viewed as basically a suction device used for purposes of increasing the size of a penis. It does so by creating pressure using water to force more blood to flow into the penis and improve the size and erection quality. Finding the best water penis pump of top-notch quality that will help you get that longer and thicker penis that you desire might be a little challenging at times. This is due to the fact that there has been some revolutions and major technology breakthroughs in the hydro pumps, giving rise to a wide variety. You have to consider a lot of things before you decide on one, things such as it level of comfort, price, and expected results.

buy best rated penis water pump for cheap

One of the top most water penis extender that can guarantee you great results is the Penomet. It has a similar working principle but designed in a way that makes it so easy to use but with maximum effects. The benefits attached to it are truly worth giving it a try. Some of the main features include;

Penomet – The Best Water Penis Pump

  • Penis size increase.

This amazing device is meant mainly for the purposes of increasing the size of your penis. The increase of the penis size is seen almost immediately after using the device. With regular use, you can achieve an increase in length of your penis of anywhere between 1 and 3 inches. The thickness is said to increase by up to 30% of the original girth.

  • Lasting results with Penis Water Pump

The results from using the Penomet always lasts for a long time. With regular and proper use, the results will actually become permanent. It works to gain size and girth and that is without any pain and side effects.

  • Safe

Unlike many other methods of penis enlargement, Penomet is 100% safe and effective. You do not have to worry about anything concerning your sexual health or injuries that you might get while using it. In fact, it falls among the most highly recommended tools for penis enlargement.

  • Time

For you to get the most out of this device, you will need about 10 to 15 minutes of your time per day, for only 5 days a week. This is a short amount of time which can actually just be included in your shower time.

  • Models

You can choose from three different models; the basic, extra and premium. The differences in all the models is only in the pressure gaiters.

  • price of water penis pump

In comparison to other methods such as surgery to enlarge your penis, the Penomet is a really cheap option. Different outlets sell it at different prices but the recommended retail price is $127 for the basic, $197 for extra and $297 for the premium. Basic package of Andropenis Extender is also available at same price.

Where to buy the Penis water pump cheaply?

If you want to get the best prices for the Penomet pump, you should buy it from their main website. In addition to the regulated prices, you can also get some form of discounts depending on what offers are available at the particular time of purchase.

Penis Water Pump is safe for you?

The Penomet falls among the best and cheap penis water pump that there is in the current market. It is very affordable and quite easy to use with success testimonials from thousands of men. It is 100% harmless and works in almost all kind of situation. You just have to wear it and forgot about that. You should see considerable changes within couple of weeks of usage. Apart from that there few more penis extender like as Phallosan, Bathmate and Sizegenetic. Based on your requirement, you can select any of that for best result. It just might be all you need to improve your sex life.

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Ginkgo Biloba for Ed – Best Ginkgo Biloba Pills 2019

Can you take Ginkgo Biloba for Ed treatment? Read my full guide about best Over the counter ED pills that contains Ginkgo Biloba and other natural herbs

What is Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba refers to an herbal remedy that has been gaining popularity over the years. Currently, it is used to make supplements that are used to improve blood flow and treat erectile dysfunction. Since it is 100% natural, so no side effects have been among the user who utilize it. The supplements are among the best selling in the USA and most of Europe. Studies show that it is up to 84% effective in treating sexual dysfunction, especially when the condition is induced by antidepressants.

How does Ginkgo Biloba Work for Ed?

otc Ginkgo Biloba ED pillsGinkgo Biloba has the ability to improve blood flow in the body. This is done by opening up the blood vessels, which allows blood to move with less resistance. Terpenoids like ginkgolides, are responsible for the dilation of the blood vessels and reduction in the stickiness of the platelets. It is also known to be a powerful anti-oxidant. Improvement in vein health is quite necessary for treatment of erectile dysfunction. For an erection to happen, blood flows to the veins and chambers in the penis, causing it to be hard. Thus, by improving blood flow, a good percentage of the ED problem will have been solved.

Best OTC Ginkgo Biloba Pills to Treat ED

1.) VigRX Plus – Recommended

VigRX Plus refers to a brand of male supplement that promises to boost sexual performance. It guarantees over 70% improvements in harder and longer erections, making it one of the most popular supplement of its type.


VigRX Plus combines a number of effective ingredients in just the perfect ratio, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Some of the main ingredients used include Ginko Biloba leaf, Epimedium Sagittatum, Damiana, Panax Ginseng, fructus Serenoae, Ptychopetalum Olacoides, and Erythroxylum.


The price for VigRX Plusis broken down to packages. A 1-month supply costs $76.99 while the 3-month supply costs 205.99$. The package that gives you the highest value for your money is the 1-year supply package. It costs $489.99, which translates to only $41 per month. With every purchase, you get a money-back guarantee with free shipping for deliveries in the USA.


VigRX Plus offers to give visible results in less than 60 days. You get erections that are harder and last longer. You also get better control of your erections, being able to get one in just a couple of seconds after you get the thought.

2.) NeosizeXL – Herbal ED Supplement

Neosize XL is another brand of supplement that is used for the purposes of increasing penis size and strength as well as sexual performance. It is the herbal pill that contains natural ingredients to you get a rid of ed problem.


The ingredients used in this product include velvet bean, hygrophila, lebbeck tree, indian Kudzu, Puncture Vine, Indian Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Indian spider plant, TinosporaGulancha, and Elephant creeper.


It is also sold in dosages that are supposed to last a given duration. The one-year supply package contains 9 bottles and is priced at $349.95. Thecheapest package has only one bottle and comes at a price of $54.95.


At four weeks of consistent usage, your stamina should be enhanced, with your reproductive system being revitalized. You will have erections stronger, harder and lasts long. By the eighth week, you will notice an increase in size of the penis. The effects will continue to be better as you continue using the pills past the eighth week.

3.) Prosolution ED Pill

Prosolution refers to a male enhancement pill is meant to improve your sexual performance. It increases the strength and duration of an erection, stamina, and sex drive.


The main ingredients in this formula are Solidilin, Korean Ginseng, GinkgoBiloba, ButeaSuperba, Momordica, Apigenin and Amla, Arjuna, Cordyceps, zinc oxide, Drilizen, Bladderwrack, ReishiMushroom, and Curculigo.


Prosolution is priced at $439.45 for the 12-month package. It comes with a 67-day money back guarantee, free shipping, and a few gifts inside the package.

Please share your experience about these over the counter Ginkgo Biloba pills for ED treatment.

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PE Bible Exercises Video + PDF For Penis Enlargement

Don’t buy PE bible before you watch the exercise video and PDF! Read Ebook guide to promotes penis enlargement naturally.

Having a large penis size is the desire of every man on earth. This is because of the associated benefits of a man having a large penis. This desire has caused many men to seek ways of enlarging their penis sizes.

find PE bible exercise video and pdfOf the many products, The PE Bible seems the best in providing a natural enlargement of the penis. A man using the Penis Enlargement Bible will definitely have a smooth journey to his penis enlargement. The exercises provided in the manual are what make it easy for men to achieve their desired sizes. We will highlight the top exercises that can get your penis enlarged.

Types of PE Bible Exercises with Video Guide

This guide will include all the exercises recommended for penis enlargement and what is in the package of the PE Bible.

Hot Towel Warm-Up

Compared to other exercises, this is a warm-up technique. The Hot Towel Warm-Up exercises require you to place a warm towel on your penis. Alternatively, you can wrap the towel around your penis for effective results.

The reasoning behind this technique is to improve blood circulation. The hot towel will trigger effective blood circulation, which is an essential element in the quest to increase a man’s penis size.


This is one of the most popular and effective exercises for enlarging the size of a man’s penis. Men from their teens to late adulthood can use this technique. The results of this method are impressive.

You need to perform this simple exercise after warming up. All you need to do is to clasp the bottom of your semi-erect penis and create an O shape with your forefinger and thumb finger. Afterward, you should then move your fingers up, stretching the penis.

Doing this exercise for just half an hour per day will help you increase your penis size significantly.

There are different jelq exercises that you will learn from the PE Bible.

Warming Down

Every penile exercise should always end with a warm down. The PE Bible recommends that you massage your penis after the jelq exercises. You should massage it softly to give it a relaxing feeling and help it recover from the strenuous exercises.

What is included in the Penis Enlargement Bible package?

When you buy the PE Bible system, you will get the following in your package:

  • 94-page eBook that covers different topics on penis enlargement
  • List of useful supplements to use
  • Instructional manual

You can use PE bible coupons if any. By doing so you can save as much as 35% off regular price.

The Penis Enlargement PDF Book

When using the Penis Enlargement Bible to increase the size of your penis, you do not have to worry about side effects for it is a natural guidebook. The PE Bible PDF has details of how you can use your hands to enlarge your penis without any risk.

How does it help?

The PE Bible has natural techniques that help you to increase the size of your penis. These techniques have a scientific backing that shows how they can help to increase the size of a man’s penis. For example, the exercises provided in the PDF are all effective in stimulating the growth of the penis.

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Furthermore, the eBook also has health foods and safe supplements that you can use to increase the size of your penis. This is what makes this digital book effective.

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PE Bible Supplements List and Dosage by John Collins

Don’t buy PE Bible before you read our guide. Find out supplement list and dosage recommended by John Collins!

The penis is a man’s most important organ of the body. Any man always wants to enlarge his penis size as a way of affirming his sexual dominance. Furthermore, women also enjoy having sex with a man having a big penis. This is why men would use any program to enlarge their sizes.

supplements dosage and list by Pe bible

One of the most exciting programs is The Penis Enlargement Bible. This program has been of great help to many men who have been looking for ways of enlarging their penis sizes. The success of this program relies on the users taking the right dosage as prescribed and eating the right food. If you focus on these two important areas, you will definitely have an increased penis size because of using the PE Bible. We will look at these two areas:

PE Bible Supplements List and Dosage

Most men underrate the use of supplements to increase their sizes. This is mainly because they are not aware of the right supplements and how to use them effectively to enlarge the penis. We will provide the list of supplements recommended by the PE Bible and the correct dosage.

  • L-Arginine/ L-Ornithine – 1500mg

This is an amino acid used for making proteins in the body. Since the enlargement of the penis relies on proteins, daily intake of this supplement will help you to increase your penis size. The prescribed dosage is 1500mg daily.

  • L-Tyrosine – 1000mg

This is also an amino acid supplement that helps in making proteins in the body. This supplement should be taken on a daily basis. The correct daily dosage is 1000mg.

  • Primrose oil – 1300mg

This supplement is good for increasing fertility. Penile growth is also enhanced when a man’s fertility is increased. The correct dosage is 1300mg daily.

  • Choline – 1500mg

This supplement contains vitamins and helps in muscle development. Using 1500mg of this supplement daily will help you realize your dreams of having an enlarged penis size.

  • GenF20 Spray – twice a day (3 sprays per session)

This is a hormone releaser spray that helps to enlarge the penis through stimulation of the male reproductive hormone. You should use it twice a day. Spray it thrice per session, thus, 6 sprays per day.

  • Water – 3.2 liters

Another important dosage is daily intake of water. You should drink 3.2 liters of water on a daily basis if you are looking to enlarge your penis size.

Best Penis Enlargement Foods by John Collins

While you are in the process of enlarging your penis, you need to use all the available methods. Eating the right food is one of the best ways to help you increase the size of your penis. There are various penis enlargement foods such as:

  • Bananas: help to increase blood flow in the body, which is essential in any penile activity
  • Salmon: contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good in maintaining good blood flow
  • Onions: contains sulfur, which is a natural blood circulation booster. Sulfur makes blood thinner, thus, increasing its circulation in the body
  • Turmeric: a good product that prevents clotting of blood to hasten the erection of a man’s penis
  • Cinnamon:it decreases blood pressure. You should take it in moderation to reduce the chances of damaging the liver. You should not take more than two teaspoons per day.

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If you follow the dosage of the supplements suggested Pe Bible and use some of the foods recommended, then you will have an easy time enlarging your penis. However, I strongly suggest to please visit official website or Penis Enlargement Bible and order the course for in-depth guide.

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Is Phallosan Forte Safe? Can You Get Permanent Result?

Is Phallosan forte safe or insecure penis extender? Getting a bigger dick is the desire of every man. This desire has enabled manufacturers to come up with different products to help men enlarge their size permanently. One of the leading products is Phallosan Forte.

Many men prefer using this penile extender device because of its results. It promises and delivers great results in terms of penis size enlargement. All that you need to know about Phallosan Forte will be discussed here:

Is Phallosan Forte Extender Safe For You?

One of the primary concerns for anyone using a male enhancement device is the safety of the device. When it comes to Phallosan, all the safety precautions have been made making it the safest penile enlargement device on the market.

phallosan forte - the safest penis extender

Therefore, you can affirmatively say that Phallosan Forte is completely safe.

Clinically tested

First and for most thing is that it has passed through a clinical test. One of the things that are looked into when a product goes for a clinical test is the product’s safety and quality. Therefore, Phallosan Forte is clinically proven quality extender and far better than competitors.

FDA approved

Another reason why it is a safe product is that it has been approved by the US Foods and Drugs Administration. FDA has approved the penis extender as good for public use. This is a sign that it is a safe product since FDA cannot approve a product that can risk the lives of people.

Quality materials used

In the manufacturer of Phallosan Forte, only the best materials have been used. The manufacturer understands that the key to producing quality products that are safe for the market is using the best materials. The materials used cannot harm the user.

Less or Nile negative reviews

Since people started using this product, only negligible bad review of the product is posted. Most of such review says that product work but didn’t get expected size. We know that due to nature of human body no any device can work almost same for everyone. Therefore, this is a sign that it is a safe product.

Can You Get Permanent Results with the Extender?

Yes, you can get permanent gains when using the Phallosan Forte extender. It is most comfortable penis extender that delivers great results, which are irreversible.

Here are some of the reasons why you get permanent results when using this extender:

  • Medically tested: this product has been clinically tested to provide permanent results to users.
  • True testimonials: there are true testimonials that you can rely on to assert that you can get permanent results using Phallosan Forte. You can read independent review sites to ascertain this fact. It is considered as best alternative to sizegenetics.
  • Money-back guarantee:the manufacturer of Phallosan Forte is sure that you will experience permanent result to an extent that they offer a money back guarantee. This means that you can return the product if you are not satisfied and get your money back.

How to Use to Achieve Maximum Result?

If you want to get permanent results using Phallosan Forte, then you should use the product appropriately. Here is the guideline for using this best penis Lengthener device:

  • Select an extender that fits your penis well. You should measure your penis size and select one that matches your current length and desired increase
  • Follow the instructions on how to use it. Remember to be very keen on using your fingers when pulling the protector cap

Just as simple as that, you can gain permanent results. You should avoid anxiety when using this product if you want to gain fast and permanent results.

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Golden Erect Extender Reviews – Buy a Best Alternative

Don’t buy Golden Erect extender before you read the review! Find some top reasons to avoid it.

Many men use penis extenders to help them enlarge their penis sizes. For many years, men have been struggling to ensure that their penis sizes are as big as they want. However, this urge by men has seen various penis extenders introduced in the market. Once such is the Golden Erect Extender. We will do a review of this product to see if it works well.

The Golden Erect Extenders (Find Review)

This review will cover what is included in the package, and its pros and cons.

When you buy a Golden Erect Extender, you will get one penis extender, its accessories, and instructional manual. The manual usually comes in English and may be translated into other languages.

find review of golden erect extender

The package is as complete for starters.

Pros and Cons

We will highlight the pros and cons of Golden Erect Extender to give potential users a chance to evaluate the worth of this product.


  • One of the advantages of using Golden Erect Extender is that it helps you gain confidence when having sex. The whole idea behind Golden Erect Extender is to make you feel like you have an enlarged penis and this will boost your sexual performance.
  • Another benefit is that it is easy to use. You do not need previous knowledge for you to use this device.
  • Furthermore, it is fairly priced. It is among the cheapest in the market and therefore you will not feel the pain of buying an extender. You can buy Golden Erect from Amazon, eBay and other stores too, so we can’t judge the authenticity.


  • Sometimes you may not find an instructional manual with your language making it hard for you to use it if you are a beginner
  • It is not as effective as other leading penis extenders
  • There are no warranties attached to the products.

Why To Avoid It?

If you want to buy a penis extender, you should avoid Golden Erect Extender because of the following reasons:

  • Not medically tested

There is no medical research that has been conducted to prove the effectiveness of this device in enlarging the size of a man’s penis.

  • No proven results

No one has come out to prove how the device worked to enlarge their size. Moreover, It is not a comfortable penis extender.

  • Do not last long

The materials used in the manufacture of the device are not long-lasting. This means that you may have to buy several devices for you to achieve your desired goals.

  • No permanent results

Unlike the top penis extenders, the Gold Erect Extender does not provide permanent results. It only makes you better in bed but does not increase your penis size permanently.

Phallosan Forte Extender – A Best Golden Erect Alternative

Since you cannot trust Golden Erect Extender to offer the best results, you should try Phallosan Forte as its alternative.

The Phallosan is the leading male extender device available in the market. It is made by a German company with experience in manufacturing male enhancement devices.


  • There is a guarantee that it will work
  • It has medical backing with a scientific research done on it
  • It gives permanent results, hence guys order it as sizegenetics alternative.
  • There is a money-back warranty in case you are not satisfied with it
  • It is available in all countries at a reasonable price.

Price and where to Buy It?

The price of Phallosan Forte is $339 only. You should buy it on the official website of the manufacturer to get a high-quality product and also possible discounts.

Originally posted 2018-06-25 06:29:32.