Average Penis Girth Size and How to increase that

The size of the penis, both in terms of length and girth varies widely across the world. Factors such as genetics might affect the size of every individual. On average, the penile size might also be determined by ethnicity. Some studies have been done across the world to come up with the average sizes for some of the most popular geographical regions. Some of the results are as below;

Africans and African-Americans are said to have the highest numbers when it comes to the penis girth with an average of 14.5 cm. This number is followed closely behind by the Australians who average 14 cm. The Hispanic average at 13.3 cm. In North and South Korea, the average is slightly on the lower side at 10.2cm.

What is penis Average length and girth size to satisfy girl?

The answer to this question might not be as obvious as many would expect. This is because there are so many factors to consider. First of all, we have to take note of the fact the most women can accommodated quite a wide range of sizes when it comes to girth. If you want to hit Cul-De-Sac then you need enough size.

This is because the vagina has the ability to stretch or contract so as to fit the penis perfectly, irrespective of the size. That being said however, it is obvious that there are some extreme sizes that will not completely satisfy a woman as she would love to. Too big and the vagina would stretch beyond comfortable limits meaning that the experience might end up being painful. Too little and it will not provide as much pleasure as would be desired.

An average penis girth of between 11cm and 14.5 cm is considered to be the most ideal by many, but as stated earlier, it all depends on the individuals.

How to eliminate Fordyce Spot on Genital Part

How to increase penis size and girth naturally?

Analyzing the numbers shows that there is quite a good number of men who would wish to increase the size of penis girth for better sexual experience. There are quite a number of ways to go about this, but most are either ineffective or too expensive. The best way through which you can achieve this goal naturally include exercising. Some of the exercises that you can perform are;

  • Jelqing – this is one of the most popular exercises. There are two types, wet jelq and dry jelq with the difference being only the use of lubricants. The process involves massaging the shaft for a couple of minutes using a milking motion while it is in a semi-erect state.
  • Use Penis Extender Sleeve – There are some realistic penis extender sleeve that you can use to instantly increase your size and girth.
  • Erect squeeze exercise – this is yet another popular exercise that works so effectively when it comes to increasing the girth of the penis. Also known as the ULI, it is most effective for gaining size of the glans as well as the upper shaft. The main idea of the exercise is to force blood from the lower parts of the penis in the erect state, into the glans and the upper shaft. The process involves squeezing with both hands and holding it about 30 seconds.
  • You can buy Phallosan or Trinitim Extender to get bigger and wider dick. It is one time investment and no need go under any surgery.

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How To Strengthen Penis Naturally

If you are suffering from ED or premature ejaculation and want to Strengthen your penis naturally? then you should follow proven steps given here.

Most men have at one point in their lives experienced some bouts of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. This might happen even when your performance really matters a lot to you, making you feel so embarrassed.

Why do you need Strong, Hard and Long Penis?

The truth is that this is completely very normal, but it is also completely avoidable. Anxiety in your sex life can be turned into something that you confidently crave for, ready for whatever challenge that might be presented to you. Strengthening your penis is the solution to all this. Irrespective of your age, there is a lot that you can do in order to strengthen your penis. The results will be long lasting hard erections with legendary lasting power when between the sheets.

Best natural ways to Strengthen your penis

Below are some effective yet easy to follow methods to Strengthen your cock naturally without any pills.

  • Kegels

Kegels forms a great way for you to connect with your penis and be able to control it. it refers to exercises where you flex and hold the muscles which usually stop the flow of urine known as the pubococcygeus or pelvic floor muscles. They are a great first step on your journey for a stronger and much more firm erection. Try it for a couple of weeks, increasing the number of pulses and holding time with every week.

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  • Masturbation without porn

This has been under criticism for quite some time but finally everyone is acknowledging its importance in strengthening the sexual performance. Porn should not be used for this as it will psychologically derive you off the real world experiences, meaning that you will have difficulties getting aroused without some porn. Ensure that you maintain a full and hard erection for as long as you can and try not to ejaculate. You can take some short breaks whenever you feel like you are about to ejaculate, until the feeling goes away. The use of toys is also a good idea as it makes the whole process a lot more effective. Remember not to overdo it and be weary of addiction. You can use penis extension sleeve, so that your partner won’t suffer while you are follow these methods.

  • Mental state

This is another major factor that can influence your erection state. You need to ensure that you avoid any kind of stress. Having thoughts during the erection process will interfere with your connection to the penis and the erection is likely going to be weaker and it will ultimately won’t hit cul de sac. Train yourself to always block any kind of thoughts, including anxiety, and focus on the erection.

How can Phallosan help you to get big penis?

The Phallosan Forte refers to a unique penis extender, invented back in 2001 in Germany. It has a soft orthopedic belt used to wear it sideways. It is a perfect device even for beginners who have never tried any penis extension device before. The Phallosan is used to extend the girth and length of the penis by using a fir and painless progressive tension to the shaft.

If it works is the question that most people would probably ask and the answer would be a resounding yes. Not only will you gain the increase in length and girth, you will also experience longer and stronger erections to change your overall sexual experience to the better.

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Best Natural Penis Girth Enlargement (2019 Updated)

Why do you need bigger dick length and girth and how to enlarge penis naturally? These are the major male health queries that you can’t get ask publicly.

According to some research, a majority of men are not satisfied with the size of their penis. This is in terms of both length and girth. The reasons behind this are quite numerous. Some of the main ones are to satisfy a sexual partner better and to increase self-confidence. With a satisfactory size, you will be able to ensure that your bedroom life is at optimum.

getting bigger dick without surgery or pills

How to enlarge penis girth naturally?

The size of your penis can be increased in quite a number of ways. However, a majority of people prefer the natural methods because it has less chances of ending up in complications or leaving adverse side effects. Some of the most popular methods of natural penis enlargement are highlighted below.


There are various types of exercise designed to increase the size of your penis. Some of the most common ones include stretching, jelqing, pulling, opposite stretch, kegels, rotation, and weight lifting among many others. The basic idea with such exercises is to stretch and increase the size of the penile tissues. This in return increases the blood capacity that can be held in the penis, which is directly proportional to the size of erection you can achieve. With exercising, you have to be patient as it might take a long time before you even notice the small increments in size.

In addition to size increase, exercises also comes with many other advantages. Some of the main ones include longer lasting erections and better control. You will be able to avoid premature ejaculations, allowing you to last long enough to satisfy your partner completely.


There are a couple of diet types, which are claimed to help with size problems. This works by supplying all the relevant nutrients to the penis, which are needed for the size gain. The nutrients also promote better blood flow, leading to better and longer lasting erections.

How does Phallosan Forte help?

The phallosan Forte refers to a penis-stretching device, which is designed to increase the length and girth of the penis. Applying gentle and consistent forces to parts of the body forces the body to reproduce cells. This is the principle used by Phallosan Forte to increase the size of the penis. The stretching device has been around for many years, having been successfully used by many to prove its effectiveness.

What exactly will Phallosan Forte do?

Increase length

Phallosan Forte can help you gain penis length by up to 1.9 inches in as little as 6 months. This is irrespective of your starting length or any other factor. The key thing to keep in mind for this to work is consistency. The gains can actually be higher for some people.

Increase erection size

Having a bigger penis does not necessarily mean having a bigger erection. With Phallosan forte however, your erection size will also increase. In other words, it will increase the size difference between your flaccid penis and your erect penis.

Click Here to order phallosan online. They offer Free shipping and awesome discount too. It is going to be the best natural way to increase your girth without any pills and supplement.

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Get Rid of Fordyce Spots on Penis Shaft & Head

Fordyce Spots, also known as Fordyce disease or Fordyce granules, refers to visible sebaceous glands which are usually present in most individuals. The name came from an American dermatologist, John Addison Fordyce, who was the first one to describe them clinically in a medical journal.

The most common place for Fordyce to appear is usually on the genital area, penis shaft and head for men. They usually appear as bumps or raised spots that are painless and pale or red in color, 1 to 3 mm in diameter. The spots are not associated with any disease whatsoever and are not infectious in any way. They are just a natural occurrence on the body and therefore does not necessarily require any treatment. For cosmetic concerns however, you might want to get rid of them. [ Edging trick for ejaculation ]

Causes of Fordyce Spots on Penis shaft and head

The sebaceous glands are usually found in association with the hair follicle. For people with the greasy skin types, the Fordyce spots appear to be more obvious. The lamps being oil-secreting glands, sebum is said to be the causative agent. Sebum refers to the oily secretion of the sebaceous gland. The glands usually open to a hair follicle and secrete the oil up to the hair shaft. For this condition however, the skin lesions are ectopic sebaceous glands, meaning that the glands are not positioned in the right place. The sebum then gets trapped in the glands as there is no hair follicle for the outlet. The result is the formation of the small bumps. [ how to give posterior forix orgasm ]

How to Cure Penis Fordyce Spots naturally?

Leaving the spots alone will in most cases, resolve the problem over time. However, due to cosmetic concerns, there are a couple of ways which you can use to make the spots disappear faster. Some of them include;

  • Incorporating garlic in the diet

Bacteria in the blood stream can be successfully decreased by garlic. Increasing the consumption of garlic will therefore help to reduce the visibility of the spots, among many other benefits. [ Best Penis Extension Sleeve ]

  • Using aqueous sour fresh fruit juice

Fruits such as oranges and lemons can be squeezed or blended with water to make juice from it. The juice should then be applied to the spots using cotton or a piece of cloth on a daily basis. The spots should disappear after a couple of days. [ Making your Penis bigger ]

  • Oil treatment

Mix equal portions of tea tree oil, cabreuva and bezoin with olive oil together with Scotch pine essential oil of the same quantity. Apply the mix on the Fordyce spots and allow it to dry for a while. Use lukewarm and a gentle anti-bacterial soap water to clean it off.

  • Apply apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be quite effective in in reducing the Fordyce spots. To improve its effectiveness, you can use a combination of Argania and Jojoba oil as well. [ Penis Length for Culdesac ]

  • Olive oil or coconut

Always remember to clean the affected area using antimicrobial soap after treatment with the essential oils. Cleaning will take away moisture so you can apply a little bit of oil afterwards.

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Trinitim Extender Review and Results

Trinitim Extender refers to a magnetic stretcher that is used in the expansion of tissues in the penis resulting in the strengthening of the erectile chambers as well as the improvement of potency. The magnetic property used in the device makes it stand out among other products of its nature in the industry, with the technology being said to penetrate deeper into the tissues for a growth that is faster and more effective.

trinitim results and review

How does Trinitim work?

The main aim of Trinitim extender is to stretch the main organ tissues in a gentle way which will result in the stimulation of the cell metabolism as well as ensure more blood rushes to the tissues. The magnetic technology helps in the acceleration of growth of the cells where the cells multiply. This unique system is designed to be used for only 2 hours per day and five days per week. For how long it should be used is really not predetermined as different individuals experience different results within the same time frame. You own goal is what will help you determine when to stop.

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Trinitim Extender Features and Review

Here, I am providing my complete review of Trinitim Extender; including pros and cons. It is designed to give maximum comfort to the user. You apply the device system underneath your clothing and it will fit and tuck away nicely, no one will be able to know that you have it on. Wearing it is a very easy process and you will not feel any discomfort during the two hours that you are supposed to have it on. Do you want to give her Posterior fornix orgasm then you must have big cock. This is where Trinitim comes in a picture.

  • Safe

It has been tested and reviewed by medical personnel as well as professionals in the industry, all of whom have guaranteed of its safety under normal use. You run no risk of any kind while using this unique product.

  • Effective

The product has made its name in the market by how effective it is. Using it under the right conditions and in the right manner will results in gains, faster that most of the other products in its category. It works by pulling and holding the penis at around the exposed glans, making it not visible from the outside.


  • Growth

All men who have tried the device have experienced growth of the penis that is real and permanent over time. Improving the size of your penis might have a great positive impact on your sex life.

  • Potency

The device also helps to improve the potency of any man who uses it. The results that come along with it are erections that are stronger, longer and bigger. Sexual strength is also improved.

  • Size maintenance

For men who are age above 40 years, it is recommended that they wear it at least once every week in order to prevent shrinkage of the penis as well as to maintain sexual experiences that are healthy.

  • Erectile dysfunction

The device can help solve the problem of erectile dysfunction for any man, helping him to regain great sexual experiences. Edging technique is all natural way to get a rid of ED. You should do it at regular interval for effective and quick result.

  • Price

Trinitim Extender offers great value for money, considered to be cheaper than most penis extension devices.

Why you should buy Trinitim Extender?

The device offers lots of benefits that cannot even be compared to those of other competing devices. You also won’t have to wear it all day, all week. Just 10 hours per week are enough to give you the amazing results.

Are you looking for big enough penis to hit culdesac? but, don’t want to go for expensive and risky surgery then you should think to buy extender. Trinitim results are awesome and works within few weeks of usage.

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Best Penis Extension Sleeve – Traz rhino Penis Review

Traz rhino Penis Sleeve Review: A penis extension sleeve refers to a device that can help you achieve a bigger penis effect instantly. It is actually a sleeve which has been designed to fit perfectly over your penis without the need of using belts, ball locks or buckles which might take the fun out of it.

The outside of the penis extension sleeve is designed to look and feel exactly like a real dick, if not better. On the inside of the sleeve, there are a couple of unique patterns which serve two purposes. The first is to hold the sleeve in place so that it does not keep coming off. This is made possible by the creation of a vacuum inside the sleeve. The other purpose is to stimulate the penis during the thrusting motion, giving you maximum pleasure. The sleeve increases penis length and girth and can allow you to please your partner better.

Traz rhino – The Best Penis Extension Sleeve

Traz rhino has been designed to operate in the exact same way as an extension sleeve, only that it does not look like one. Its looks is made unique for functionality purposes, replicating all the transformations that the penis usually have when inside a woman. The Traz is made of silicone with an orgasmic coil interior.

Traz rhino Penis Extension Sleeve Review

Advantages of Traz Rhino Penis Sleeve

  • Body safe

Traz Rhino Penis Sleeve is made from medical grade silicone which makes it 100% safe for all its intended purposes, for both partners.

  • Size

With the sleeve on, you are able to give the performance of an 8 inch. Both you and the lady are guaranteed to enjoy a better sexual experience. This is done without compromising on the sexual feel. The sizing is also customizable to ensure a perfect fit for your needs. You can use that to give posterior fornix orgasm.

  • No slip grip

It is designed in such a way that there is no slip during the thrusting motion ensuring that it always stays in place for maximum pleasure. The texture also give a stroking sensation that takes the pleasure a further notch higher.

  • Cleaning

You do not require anything special to clean it. Just the normal mild soap and water are enough to make it clean and hygienic enough.

  • Durability

Traz Rhino is intended for multiple use. Cleaned and stored under the right conditions, it can be reused as many times as you wish.

  • Functionality

The Traz Rhino has more than just one function. It can be used as a dildo for the lady, a penis enlarger during sex or even a masturbation sleeve for men. Both partners can enjoy it in various ways, alone or together. It can be used while performing edging technique for maximum result.


  • It is not the real thing: Despite all the benefits and advantages that it has, it is just not your real size. Having a penis big enough will eliminate some of its functions.

Comparison of phallosan and penimaster pro

Why should you buy Traz Rhino Penis Extension Sleeve?

Traz Rhino is the perfect instant solution to any man feeling inadequate about his penis size. You can now regain your confidence by simply incorporating this amazing device into your sex life. You will wow your partner and feel much more pleasure as well. You can even use it for those solo moments that you desire to have some fun.

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How to Make your Peni Bigger Naturally

Having a big penis is one of the things most men desire to get. There are a couple of reasons as to why it is considered important to have the best size of a penis.

Why should you need big Penis?

Four out of ten men are suffering from short dick and that is considered as sexual disease. Below are some common reason to have large penis.

gaining penile girth and length

Sexual experience

There are a lot of studies and research that which have been carried out to prove that having a bigger penis leads to a better sexual experience. The improvement is felt by both sex partners. With bigger penis, you will be more likely to get your woman to reach to an orgasm, probably multiple times every time you have sex. You also get to experience harder erections which lead to extremely pleasurable ejaculations. That might be explained by the fact that more blood flows to the penis during erection. If you want to hit Cul-de-sac then you must have enough penis size.


Lack of self-esteem and confidence is a common problem among men who have small penis sizes. This usually cuts across all aspects in life and not just the sexual side of it. The lack of confidence might affect how a man socializes or relates to women in a negative way. This is however, not a problem to worry about as it can be easily reversed by enlarging your penis.

There are a couple of ways through which any man can get his penis larger. They include surgical procedures which might be invasive and expensive, use of drugs and injections which also don’t sound so appealing, and the natural methods.

Best ways to Make your Peni Bigger Naturally

Want to enlarge your penis but don’t know the correct method? Below are some highly popular products and natural ways to get bigger cock.

Penis extender

A penis extender (i.e Phallosan, etc) refers to a popular device used for the enlargement of the penis. It works by literally stretching the penis through a certain duration, after which the penis will assume the stretched position as the natural size. When done correctly, it works very effectively. It is quite popular due to the fact that it is not so expensive but delivers great results. Phallosan and Penimaster are top selling extender that can also be useful to straighten your dick.

Using pumps

This is another great way to improve the penis size in a method that is inexpensive and non-invasive. There are various types of pumps used for this with the most common ones being water based. The principle of operation is basically to create a suction force in the tube where your penis is inserted. This causes the tissues in the penis to stretch outwards. Temporary results can be seen almost instantly and when done over some time, the results become permanent. You can read my review of best water penis pump for maximum result.


For those who do not wish to invest any money but still wish to have bigger penis, doing exercises is a great way to go. There are so many types of exercises available, most of which works just fine when done correctly and can give you a couple of extra inches for both girth and length. Some of the common ones include jelqing, kegels, stretcher, opposite pull and the lifter. With exercises, you have to do them for a longer period of time for you to get good results. You also have to be committed to it and do them on a daily basis.

You can also combine some of the methods above in order to gain girth and length of penis in super fast time.

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How Big Penis Should be to hit cul-de-sac

How Big your penis should be to give posterior orgasm? Culdesac, also known as the recto-uterine pouch, rectovaginal, rectouterine excavation, cavumDouglasi, Ehrhardt-Cole or the Pouch of Douglas, is a peritoneal cavity extension found between the posterior wall of the uterus and the rectum in the female human body. It is the deepest point of the peritoneal cavity, anterior to the rectum and behind the uterus. This position is near the front of the fornix of the vagina.

How to hit culdesac to give Posterior Fornix?

In order for a man to hit this spot, you need to penetrate deep enough. The first trick is in the position. Mount the woman from behind and adjust her angle appropriately, going as deep as you can until you hit the spot.

The cul-de-sac is located a bit deep, meaning that you need to have a penis big enough to hit it. Ideally, the physic of the woman plays a major role in determining what length of the penis is required, with short petite women requiring a bit less length. However, the generalized length that would be sufficient for most women is about 7 inches.  This length is nothing more than just a dream for most men. It however, does not mean that they can never achieve it. There are various ways through which the size of the penis can be increased. One of the best methods is by use of the Phallosan Fortr Extender.

How big penis should be to hit culdesac?

Since culdesac is located at inner part of vagina, so you should have big and hard penis to hit that. If you want to give Posterior Fornix Orgasm then you should first have long dick and that can be possible with the help of extenders like phallosan forte, bathmate, penimaster pro etc.

This is one of the most popular and effective penis enlargement and male enhancement device that is available in the current market. The company has an amazing track record of 14 years of happy customers, physician tests and scientific studies. It has evolved to be known by many people as the best penis extender in the world, thanks to the intelligent design which provides an experience that is nothing less than amazing.

If you are suffering from a small dick, the Phallosan will help you to not only increase the length, but the girth as well. When used correctly and for a good amount of time, it can also correct curving of the penis and even cure erectile dysfunction. That is not all, you also get a better and stronger erection that leads to better orgasms, as part of the results. This might be attributed to the increased blood flow to the penis as well as stimulation. You can also try Andropenis extender but cannot match the result with phallosan.

How the Phallosan Forte works?

You can gain with phallosan only if you use it correctly. The device extends the girth and length of the penis by using a firm and progressive tension that is pain free, through a system that looks like that of an astronaut, via a pump, glass bell and tension belt.

The first step is to put the tip of you penis into the rubber protector cap that comes included in the packaging. It helps to prevent any discomfort. Next, roll the sleeve of the rubber condom on the glass bell over your penis. You will now be set to pump the bell pump, exerting a gentle pressure which creates a comfortable mini vacuum effect that will hold everything nicely in place. The final step is to attach the orthopedic belt system

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Posterior Fornix Orgasm Simulator – How to Give Culdesac

If you are wondering how to give her Posterior Fornix Orgasm or simulator that can hit Culdesac then you are landed on right page.

Fornix of the vagina, also known as the fornix vaginae, refers to the superior portions of the vagina, which extends to the recesses that are created by the vaginal portion of the cervix. ‘Fornix’ is a Latin word which translates to ‘arch’. The number of named fornices is four. One of them is the posterior fornix, the larger recess which is located behind the cervix, close to the recto-uterine pouch.
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Posterior Fornix Orgasm

There are many types of orgasms that a woman can experience among the least common one being the posterior fornix orgasm. One of the reasons as to why it is so common might be due to the fact that it is not quite easy to hit that spot during sexual intercourse. It requires certain angles to be right for both the man and woman, and the penis of the man should also be long enough to reach the cul-de-sac. It is quite easy to know when you have the right angle and perfect penetration as you will feel some sort of sac swallowing the head of your penis. The reaction of the woman can also be a great way to judge. [ Best Water Penis Pump ]

Posterior Fornix Orgasm

How to make a woman get a Posterior Fornix (Culdesac) Orgasm?

Position is the key factor for this milestone to be accomplished through penetration. You should penetrate from behind and go in as deep as you possibly can. If you have small penis then you should try phallosan to gain size and girth. Next step is to move her into different angles, trying to adjust her in order to the little pocket. Adjust her until you feel the little pocket covering the head of your penis. You will also notice some different reactions from the woman such as heavier breathing and less talking. If you are doing it right, she is likely to even mourn and scream so loud, encouraging you to pound her even harder and faster.

Now that you have found the perfect position, the next step is trying to get her to orgasm. You need to be able to use any of your preferred ejaculation techniques to ensure that you remain as hard as you possibly can without ejaculating. Start with slow and steady thrusts while caressing her with your hands and playing with her clit. Keep this going for some time then begin to gradually increase the pace. Be careful not to get swallowed in the moment and hit too hard as that might become more painful than pleasurable. Increase the pace and enjoy the moment as you see your woman get to the best orgasm ever. You can also try to time it right such that you orgasm at the same time.

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Best Posterior Fornix Simulator

Hot Vaginal Culdocentesis Simulator is a model that consists of cortex, uterus, fixed abdominal visceral organs, vagina, rectal water sac, uterine-rectal haematodocha and the stand. Cortex is what covers the whole body. The stand is used to hold the entire model, keeping its breech up and therefore making its operation simple. Some of the main features include;

  • The materials used are advanced, having soft and elastic skin that gives it a true feeling and real pathological tissue
  • The anatomical positions are all correct

If you don’t want to use any of such simulator then you should have enough size of Penis to hit Culdesac. In order to increase your penis size and give Posterior Fornix to your partner you can use phallosan or penimaster pro or any other extender. That is safe and give you natural boost.

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Edging Technique to Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation

Edging Technique is one of the most common and effective ways to prolong arousal and increase the pleasure obtained from sex. It can also be referred to as Surfing or Peaking. It can be practiced alone or with a partner, where you maintain a high level of sexual arousal for as long as you possibly can without getting an orgasm. When done by men, the practitioner will enjoy stimulation and not have to wait through a refractory period which is common after getting an orgasm. When you finally decide to allow an orgasm, you will get physical sensations that are much stronger and way more pleasurable as compared to the conventional orgasm.

Advantages of the edging technique

  • Treatment for premature ejaculation

When you build up over and over during the edging process, you will actually be training yourself to achieve total control over your ejaculations. You will know how to go beyond the point of no return without losing any control. This means that only you gets to decide the time when you will have an orgasm, irrespective of how intense the sexual stimulation will be. You can use that along with your Phallosan extender to gain more result.

  • Help with erectile dysfunction

For those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, you should take edging as a prescription to get over the problem. Whenever you get an erection, you will be exercising the smooth penis muscles, which in turn reinforces a healthier and harder penis. Edging works best especially when done properly, due to the fact that you will stay at your near peak size and hardness for longer periods of time. You can also gain penis girth and length using it.

If the erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological reasons, edging will give you all the confidence that you need for your next sex session.

  • Penis enlargement

Edging can be combined with some other standard exercises to achieve good results when it comes to penis enlargement. Penis stretching, jelqing and girth exercises works best when combined with edging.

  • Boost semen output

Reports have shown that the quantity and quality of semen output is increased when the edging technique is used. The semen power and distance will also be improved. This will boost confidence and might be quit beneficiary for couples trying to get a baby.

  • Pleasure your partner more

You will also be increasing your chances of bringing your partner to an orgasm when you use the edging technique.

How to do edging effectively for Premature Ejaculation?

  1. Find time and privacy

You require at least 20 minutes for an edging session which should have no distractions. Ensure that you are in a private and comfortable place.

  1. Lubrication

Always use some good lubrication if you want to practice edging without a partner i.e. through masturbation. [ Phallosan Forte Gain ]

  1. Masturbation

Start by stroking the base of your penis and move slowly towards the frenulum. You can avoid the frenulum which is the most sensitive part, at least until you master control of your urge to ejaculate, or until when you are now ready to ejaculate.

  1. Nearing the PONR

When the urge to ejaculate becomes too much, move back to the base where it is less sensitive. [ Andropenis Review ]

  1. Reaching PONR

When you get past this point, you will experience an orgasm. Stop your sexual stimulation entirely and wait until the desire to ejaculate has passed before you resume stroking. [ Best Water Based Penis Pump ]

Edging Technique – Can You do that?

Mastering the edging technique will by all means, change your sexual experiences to the better. You will experience very intense orgasms and pleasure your partner even more. All it takes is a little self-control and you will stand to gain the many benefits that come with it.

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