Phallosan Forte Spare Parts, Protector Cap, and Belt

Phallosan Forte Spare Parts, Belt and Protector Cap tips: Phallosan Forte refers to a male enhancement product that has been tested clinically and approved by the European health authorities. It uses the principle of penis stretching to operate. Stretching works by causing small painless fissures in the penile tissues, which require the generation of new cells to heal. The new cells results in an overall increased penis size. With consistent use, the gains can be quite amazing. The device is among the most comfortable ones available in the market.

phallosan forte spare parts and belt

What are the Parts of Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte consists of many parts, which are assembled to make the device. Some of the main parts include;

  • Elastic belt

The belt is used for the stretching purposes. It is attached to the suction bell holding the penis strapped around the waist, stretching the penis towards one direction. It has a buckle to adjust the belt length so that you can control the stretch force to use.

  • Suction bell

This is what holds your penis comfortably, to allow for pulling. It uses suction to grip the penis unlike other the bands and rings in other devices, making it more comfortable. You can get it in three different sizes marked L, M, and S.

  • Protector cap

The protector cap is used to protect the glans against too much tension, due to the delicate nature of the glans.

  • Tension clip

The tension clip has a tension spring attachment and it is used for adjustment of the tension intensity. It uses a color code system similar to that of traffic lights to indicate tension.

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  • Suction ball

You can use the suction ball to pump the suction bell. It is an easier way of creating suction, which in turn offers grip to allow for stretching.

Basic Info about Phallosan Forte Spare Parts

When you buy the Phallosan Forte penis stretcher, you will receive a package that contains all the parts mentioned above, with the inclusion of an instructional manual and a measuring template. All the parts come with a warranty of two years with an exception of the protector caps and sleeves. The exception should not worry you as you can always find replacement of the parts in case they get lost or break.

There are many shops, including third party online stores that sell the spare parts. However, it is recommended that you get the parts only from the official website if you wish to get genuine parts and at the best prices. The parts offered on the official website are the three sizes of sleeve, protector caps, and XL bell. You must have bought the Phallosan Forte package to be able to make a purchase for the spare parts.

Can You Use Phallosan Forte Without Protector Cap?

You can use the Phallosan Forte without the protector cap if you wish to. However, your penis has to be conditioned for the settings before you try this. If the penis is not conditioned, you might get redness and edema. First time users are advised to use the protector cap for your penis extender from eBay and Amazon.

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Phallosan Forte Vs X4 Labs Extender Comparison

The Phallosan Forte or X4 Labs? which is good extender for you? Read my review and complete comparison post about them.

Phallosan Forte Extender

phallosan forte vs x4 labsIt is one of the best penis extender devices available in the current market. It has a patented orthopedic belt system as well as a vacuum protector technology that makes it stand out above the competition. The technology used and the design which encloses the entire penis results in an enlargement of both the penis itself and the glans. It has been in the market for more than 14 years, through which many clients have given positive feedbacks and testimonies of how effective the product is. The Phallosan is also classified as a Class I medical product, meaning that the device has passed all the medical requirements to guarantee your safety.

The X4 Labs Extender

The X4 Labs Extender refers to a penile traction device that also works to increase the size of the penis. Through the traction principle, X4 Labs Extender is able to apply stress to the penis in small amounts, causing painless fissures in the penis that will heal through generation of new cells. The new cells add on to the size of the penis. The process also causes the blood flow to increase, improving the strength of your erection and your sexual stamina as well. It is also CE certified, with clinical trials showing that it is safe and efficient.

Phallosan Forte vs X4 Labs


The Phallosan Forte comes with a price tag of $339. The phallosan price does not include spare parts. For X4 Labs Extender. The prices differ based on the packaging. The lowest price is $90 basic deluxe edition, which has a few spare parts included in the package. $270 is the most expensive package named Gold Luxury Edition, which also contains a number of spare parts.


Both devices are quite effective in how they work. However, there is a major difference in the method used for the penis enlargement. The X4 Labs uses traction while the Phallosan Forte relies on a stretch belt. Making a choice based on this will largely depend upon your preferences as they both deliver amazing results, but the Phallosan Forte is known to be more comfortable to most men. The Phallosan is also a better choice in terms of performance because the size gains are for both the glans and the shaft.

Guarantee and Return

Both the X4 Labs and the Phallosan Forte offer warranties for their products. For the Phallosan Forte, you will get up to 14 days to return the product in case you notice anything wrong with it. For the X4 Labs, the warranty runs for an entire year. The duration is quite impressive, but it has lots of conditions. For example, you have to use the device for more than 6 months, documenting your progress throughout the entire time for you to request a refund. You will be responsible for the return shipping charges as well. Don’t buy penis extender from amazon or ebay, as some fraud seller over there sells duplicate product without warranty.

Why is Phallosan Forte Better Than X4 Labs?

The Phallosan Forte is considered better than the X4 Labs, as it is more comfortable and offers better results in terms of size gains. It also comes with better guarantees and return policies. Moreover, Phallosan forte is available globally and reliable too. They offer international shipping at affordable price.

If you have any query about my comparison of X4 Labs and Phallosan forte then you can share it here!

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Can You Buy Penis Extender at eBay and Amazon?

Can You Buy Penis Extender at eBay? Here is the answer for your all such  questions. A penis extender refers to a device used to enlarge the penis. Basically, it works by stretching the shaft of the penis for extended periods, which results in an increase in the penile length and girth as well. Scientifically, it can be explained as a way to trigger cell reproduction.

The stretching of the penis causes some tiny and painless fissures to occur on the tissues in the penis. For the tissues to heal, the body has to generate new cells, which collectively results in an increase in the size of the penis. The stretching process also increases the volume of the chambers in the penis. This allows them to hold more blood thus, a bigger and stronger erection.

Importance of penis extender

purchase penis extender from ebay, amazonThere are many reasons to buy a penis extender. The main one is obviously to aid in your efforts to increases the size of your penis. It has been tested and ascertained to be one of the most effective ways male enhancement. Different people may experience different results depending on a number of factors, though there are minimum guarantees if correct usage instructions are followed.

It can also be used to treat health issues of the penis such as peyronie’s disease. A slight curve of the penis to the left or right when it is in an erect state is quite common. In some cases, the curve can be quite significant that it causes pain or some difficulty in having sex. A penis extender can come in quite handy to help with such a problem.

Can you buy penis extender from eBay or Amazon?

There are a number of places where you can get a penis extender when you wish to make a purchase of one. Such places include your local stores, the official website, and other online stores such as eBay and Amazon. However, it is highly recommended that you make your purchase only from the official websites only. You should also try to buy from regional official site or site that handles intentional order. For example, phallsoan in uk is available from authorized UK site. Wheres, US, Canada and other countries buyer can order it from international version of site.

Don’t Buy Penis Extender from eBay or Amazon

One of the main reasons as to why you should avoid buying penis extenders from Amazon or eBay is that you are likely to get counterfeit products. The dangers that come with using counterfeit products are quite numerous. First, you can potentially cause injury to your penis, given how sensitive it is. The penis extender may also not work effectively, making all your efforts to get a bigger penis a waste of time and money.

Another reason would be to get the best deal. You are likely to spend more money when you purchase phallosan forte on eBay or Amazon because, as the end user, you will have to cater for the income of all the intermediaries. Making your purchase from the official website cuts all the middlemen from the equation.

How to order dick extenders from official website?

Placing an order from the official website is quite easy. You simply need to visit the particular site and browse through the products to identify what suits you the best. Drop it in your virtual basket and then proceed to checkout. Confirm your order specifications and complete the payment process then wait for delivery to arrive.

If you already bought penis extender from Amazon or ebay then you can share your experience here. It will help others too.

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Vitamins to Increase Blood Flow in Penis Naturally

Are you Suffering from low blood circulation in penis area? Try some vitamins to increase the blood flow within your dick naturally.

Why is blood circulation in the penis so important to you?

Blood circulation in general ensures that oxygen and other important nutrient reach all the tissues and muscles in the body. This is also the case for the penis. For natural development of the penis and its overall good health, certain nutrients such as vitamins have to be supplied to the penile tissues. Good blood circulation ensures that this is the case. It also assists with erections. with optimum blood flow, you will be able to achieve rock hard erections that can last long.

vitamins to increase penis blood flow

Best vitamins to increase blood flow in the penis

Below are the vitamins to increase penis size naturally.

Vitamin B9 (folic acid)

This vitamin belongs to the vitamin B family, and it is well known for its ability to handle many health issues. It occurs naturally and has effects of improving blood flow and heart health. Doctors recommend it as a preventative measure for heart disease and stroke. As for the penis, the vitamin B9 will boost the circulation of blood in the genitals. This goes a long way to ensure good penis health and helps with erection problems as well.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid)

Pantothenic acid helps with cell metabolism in penis, ensuring that the penile function remains in a healthy state. In simple words, it keeps the penile cells and the penis as a whole, healthy. The B5also boosts energy, keeps infections at bay, and promotes faster recovery from illnesses. It is also considered the best weapon against premature aging, ensuring that the central nervous system of the body develops normally. It has been found in some penis enlargement oil product like Vigrx oil etc.

penis enlargement bible pdf

Vitamin E

This is the most commonly used vitamin in most formulations designed to help with penis growth as well as to treat erectile dysfunction. This is achieved by its ability to ensure blood circulation is not tampered with, ensuring healthy erectile function and healthy penis in overall. Your erection size and hardness will increase when more blood flows to you penis and fills the erectile chambers in the shaft. It will increase your penis girth naturally without any surgery.

Vitamin B12

This is another vitamin,which you might want to get on as soon as possible if you have erectile dysfunction. The body uses it in cell metabolism as well as in the production of more blood. These two factors are quite essential in achieving and maintaining a good erection.

The Vigrx Plus to improve blood flow naturally

Many male enhancement products are available in the current market. However, only a few are considered effective enough and safe. One such product is the Vigrx is generally a unique formulation that contains all the necessary supplements required for male enhancement.

Being a dietary supplement, Vigrxplus depends on the power of natural extracts as opposed to pharmaceuticals. The supplements are mainly used to boost the libido of a man as well as provide stamina to enhance sexual performance.Some of the ingredients used in this formulation include natural aphrodisiacs that have been used even traditionally for centuries. The levels of testosterone are also affected, helping with many sexual issues, including fertility.

Taking Vigrx plus is the best natural way to increase the blood flow in your penis. It will give you permanent result without any surgery and 100% safe too.

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How to Buy Phallosan in UK at Best Price

How does Phallosan Forte work?

buy phallosan extender onlineThe Phallosan forte is one of the best penis enlargement devices available in the current market. This can be seen through its popularity over many other competing devices. Some of the main goals of using the Phallosan include straightening, lengthening, and thickening the penis of the user. It uses a very simple but clinically proven method to deliver the desired results. It has a condom part, which is attached to a vacuum pump.

You place your penis inside the condom and pump to create a powerful but painless vacuum and comfortably secure the penis. A belt system is then used to stretch it, still in a painless way. The pressure exerted on the penis cells causes the cells to divide and duplicate, gradually resulting in the growth of new skin cells, muscle, and blood vessels. The overall result is that the bulk and length of the penis is increased.

Where to buy Phallosan forte in UK?

There are many options when it comes to ordering the Phallosan Forte in the UK. You can even get it from some of the local stores or third party online retailers such as Amazon. However, it is highly recommended that you make your purchase only from the official site. This is because Amazon and other sites usually sell fake products or exaggerate the prices. Hence, I always suggest you to avoid Phallosan from Amazon. Buying from the official site ensures that you only get the original device and at the best possible price.

How to buy Phallosan Forte from Official UK site?

The process of purchasing phallosan from the official site is quite easy and straightforward. Simply start by visiting the site and the browse through the products. The site is quite user friendly, meaning that you will not have any problems finding what you need. You will also find images of all the products as well as detailed descriptions of the products to help you make informed decisions while shopping.

There is no any dedicated UK site to buy Phallosan forte. Company have only one global site which ship to almost all the countries including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France and more. Best price of phallosan extender is available when you buy it in bundle.

phallosan forte buy for cheap

Once you get the products that you wish to buy, drop them in your virtual cart, and then proceed to checkout. You will need to fill in some of your details, depending on the method of payment that you deem appropriate and convenient for you. You will also need to fill in a shipping address to where your package will be delivered. Confirm the order and payment to complete the transaction. Your delivery will be made in a couple of days, depending on your delivery location.

Phallosan extender UK price is less than 180 pounds. There are certain bundle available to buy.

Phallosan Shipping Details for European country

Shipping can be done to any European country like UK, France, Germany, Greece etc. There is a small fee attach for shipping, with the amount varying across the different countries. The packaging is done in a plain parcel, which does not disclose the content of the package. The return address is also to a warehouse and not the manufacturers of the Phallosan Forte. What all these means is that your purchase will be completely discrete, giving you nothing t be embarrassed about.

Enjoying shopping phallosan in UK! Let us know if you have any query here.

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Pornstar Penis Size – How Do They Get It?

What is the average size of the penis of a Pornstar?

The Pornstars are known for their large dick. The average size for men, according to a number of studies, is 5.6 inches in length and 4.8 inches girth when fully erect. Pornstars can have up to 9 inches in length. The huge size, contrary to what many may think, not related to genetics in any way. It is all about using the right size enhancers to get the size that suits you best. Below are two popular options that pornstars use, which you can also make use of to increase your size to whatever you desire.

1.) Vigrx Pill

Virgx refers to a type of herbal supplement that is used for the purposes of enhancing the male size. It is one of the few in the market, which delivers what it promises, in terms of results. It guarantees to improve the length and strength of your erection by up to 71.43%. Any man can take advantage of it to gain from a variety of its benefits, some of which include;

Stronger libido

For those that suffer from low libido, Vigrx might just be the perfect solution for you. It enhances your libido and ensures that you can achieve and maintain a fascinating erection for a long time. You will be able to enjoy sex much better and impress your partner as well while at it. Vigrx gains your penis girth naturally without any side effects.

Better control

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to control when you get erections as well as when you ejaculate during sex. Premature ejaculation is a problem that many men suffer from. Vigrx can help make that a thing of the past, allowing you to enjoy sex as much as you want before you ejaculate. The quantity and quality of your ejaculation will also be quite impressive.


2.) Phallosan Forte Extender

The Phallosan refers to a penis enlargement device that is worn externally. It works by applying outward extended pressure, which in turn causes painless micro fissures in the penile tissues. The healing process of the fissures involves development of new cell, which in overall increases the size of your penis. It also has a number of other benefits in addition to improving the penile size, some of which include;

Improves erection quality

You will get a stronger erection after using the device consistently over time. Controlling the erection will also be a lot easier, with you being able to rise to the occasion almost instantly. You will maintain the erection at maximum for as long as you desire.


It is very comfortable to wear when compared to other competing products. Given that it conceals well underneath clothing, you can even go about your daily business while wearing it. it is so comfortable that you can even sleep with it.

Is it safe to use the Phallosan Forte and Vigrx?

Using either of the two is absolutely safe. A lot of research and tests have been done on them to ensure this. However, the safety is guaranteed only with correct usage. The results obtained from these natural enhancement methods will also permanent if you maintain consistency.

Now, I am fully convince and wondering where can I buy phalloan? If you though to buy your own extender then you can visit the official site of Phallsoan. They provide 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and outstanding customer support. Don’t buy phallosan from Amazon or eBay sites. Often it has been come to attention that male health product from such sites are fake.

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Phallosan Forte Discount Code 2022 w/t $100 Off Coupon

Get $100 Off Discount Coupon Code now! Phallosan Forte is clinically proven penis enlargement + straightening device.

PHALLOSAN forte is the only patented orthopedic belt system that comes with revolutionary vacuum protector technology and so many accessories to enlarge your dick. It is available worldwide and best suitable for after Prostate Surgery, IPP/penis curvature and dick enhancement.

phallosan fort discount coupons

Top rated Phallosan Forte Coupons and Codes

Up to $100 OFF (ONGOING!) – Head up and purchase your Phallosan forte to get 4 free sleeve-condoms (2xM, 1xL and 1xS) in each package. You will get freebies worth more than $100.

Free App – Get faster results with their Android and iOS application. Install the app on your smartphone to get desired result now.

Exclusive Offer – You won’t this deal on their reseller or partner website. It is valid for your purchase from their official website only. Purchase spare parts from official site starting from $24.90 only. Choose from wide range of accessories like protector caps, large, medium or small sleeves, XL bell sleeve.

No Customs Duty – Choose from the available package and get the product in your country without any custom duties. They offer discreet and affordable shipping for US, Canada, UK, Australia, Spain, Germany, France and other countries.

PHALLOSAN4TH – Copy and enter the voucher code at the time of purchase to save $20 off the entire order. It is bit old coupon and expiry date is unknown, so not reliable. However, you should try your luck!

order phallosan forte at discounted price

Why To Buy Phallosan Forte From Official Site?

If you want to enlarge your penis or want to treat peyronies disease then Phallosan is the best option for you. It acts gently and effectively without any side effects. It remain invisible from outside and can be used for long periods without any problem. Extender is suitable for all the sizes and made up with Allergen-free materials. Most importantly, Phallosan Forte is German made product to give you proven result.

Official Site offers 14 days money back guarantee. If you don’t like the product then you can return back within 14 day to get full refund. When you buy from official website, you will receive freebies worth $100 and quality assurance too. In case of any query, you can contact their support team. Moreover, company offer discreet shipping worldwide and allow you to order anonymously.

Each Phallosan package contains protector cap, suction ball,four suction bell available in different sizes, tension clip, elastic belt with adjustable buckle, instruction booklet and measuring template.

How to Apply Phallosan Forte Discount Codes?

First of all, check above section to find appropriate offers for you.

  • Now click the link to land on the official site.
  • Now head up to their main menu and click the last menu titled “Order Now”.
  • It will open totally new page where you need to select your country and click the button named “I want to order phallosan forte!” to place your order.
  • Select your payment method and enter the billing and shipping details to place an order.
  • At the time of checkout you need to enter promo code to get discount.

Hope my Phallosan Forte extender coupon guide help you to buy it at cheap price. In case of any query about discount coupons, exclusive deals or promotional offers, place your comments here.

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Best Penis Enlargement Oil and Cream

Penis enlargement oils, gel, and creams are an alternative for increasing the size of your penis. In those forms, you simply need to massage your penis with them and wait for the results. they are non-invasive and very safe, making them very popular among men who wish to avoid surgical procedures and are uncomfortable wearing extenders throughout the day.

Best Penis Enlargement Oil and Creams

There are many dick enlargement creams and oils available in the current market, but not all are of the same quality. Some of the best ones that you should try out are highlighted below.

penis enlargement oil and cream

VigRX Oil – Best Enhancement Cream

VigRX Oil is made from a combination of ingredients that are effective in getting you a longer lasting erection, increased seminal fluid, and reduced chances of having premature ejaculations during intercourse. Using this product can literally allow you to enjoy an entire night of continuous love making.


The main ingredient in VigRX Oil is Gingko Biloba that helps with faster blood flow to the penis for erection as well as relaxing the penis muscle known as corpus cavernosum. Icarin is also present, used specifically to increase erection size. Other main ingredients include water, Shea butter, vitamin C, Aloe Vera gel, and apricot kernel oil. Given that the ingredients used are natural, chances of any undesired side effects are almost nil. All these ingredients make it no #1 penis enlargement oil that works instantly.


VigRX Oil is sold in packages that are to last specific times. The least that you can get is the monthly package which goes for $49.95 and does not come with any bonus. The most economical is the 12 month package which goes for $399.95, helping you save a total of $150. It also comes with a bonus gift of one bottle of Semenax and zero costs for shipping to any address in the US.


VigRX Oil offers instant results, with the rigidity and strength of your erection being increased. You can even use it with your preferred condom given that it is non-sticky and compatible with condoms.

>>> CLICK HERE – Find Out More About VigRx Oil <<<

ProSolution Gel to Enlarge Penis

ProSolution Gel is making waves in the dick enhancement creams and gels industry. The topical enhancer is in the form of a clear gel, formulated to boost the levels of nitric oxide upon contact with the penis, which leads to an instant erection and natural penis enlargement.


The ingredients used in ProSolution Gel are L-Arginine, Aloe Vera, algae extract, bearberry extract, mango butter, vitamin C, and menthol. All the ingredients are combined in set proportions to make ProSolution Gel an incredibly sweet feeling and fast acting lube.

prosolution gel pricePerformance

ProSolution Gel promises to give you rock-solid erections, outstanding stamina, control, impressive ejaculations, increased confidence, and quick recovery for multiple sessions among other benefits.

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3.) InstantPerformer

If you are suffering from 5 inch penis girth then you should go natural enhancer. InstantPerformer is all natural male enhancer gel, having the ability to get you from limp to a solid-hard erection in an instant. You simply need to rub the gel on your penis and massage it to get absorbed then enjoy your hours of lovemaking with a hard erection.


The major ingredients in the formulation include L-Arginine, Vitamin C, pomegranate, Panax Ginseng, and Ginkgo, Biloba.


The gel works almost instantly, with only 40 seconds needed to get you to max erection. Its effects can last up to 2 hours. I would suggest you to order phallosan along with such cream and oil to increase dick length permanently.

Should You Use Cream or Oil to Enlarge Dick?

Creams, oils, or gels are a great option for penis enlargement without surgery, and works quit effectively. If you have any problems getting or maintaining a big erection during sexual intercourse, you should try using them.

Checkout the best alternative to sizegenetics extender.

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Phallosan Forte Side Effect – Is It Scam?

The Phallosan Forte is a popular device among men with literally no major side effect and scam. Phallosan is the extender that is used for increasing the size of penis. It operates under the principle of tension, in that extending the penis for some given amount of time on a consecutive basis will result in permanent increase in size.

phallosan forte scam and side effects

The Phallosan device has been used for quite a number of years now with very positive results. It has been proven to work quite effectively and is in no way a scam. Its operation has a scientific and medical backing, just to show how effective it is. A few side effects may be experienced during usage, but they usually are quite minor and non-threatening.

Possible side effect of Phallosan Forte

If you use phallosan correctly then you can easily gain 5 inch length and increased girth of your penis. Sometime, using it wrongly creates a problem. Below are some common side effect of phallosan extender that you go through.

Side effect of Swelling

A number of people may experience swelling in the glans. This is usually as a result of tension. Applying to much tension, perhaps due to overzealous ambitions given the fact that Phallosan Forte is painless, resisting the temptation to set the tension too high can be a bit of a challenge. This is usually the case during the first week of usage for new users, before the penis gets used to the device. Great results are achieved by using the Phallosan forte consistently over time and not just the tension level. It means that you must allow yourself time to gradually get accustomed to the device to avoid the swelling.

I never suggest to buy phallosan extender from Amazon other third party site. They sell duplicate device and you will ended up losing money and may harm your dick too.


A few people also complain of the glans of their penis getting red in color. As frightening as this may appear to be, it is really nothing to be worried about. In most cases, it usually disappears on its own. It is caused by pressure exerted on the surface of the skin. Given the delicate nature of the skin covering the glans, the pressure will result in redness. Phallosan forte comes with a protector cap enclosed in the package. It reduces the amount of pressure to the glans and ensures that redness does not occur. You should also ensure that the orthopedic belt does not stretched excessively as it might cause strong vacuum within the suction bell.

Soreness Effect

When you over train, you are likely to experience some soreness. When this happens, you are supposed to get rest from your training routine until the soreness goes away. You can also speed u the healing process by alternating cold and hot compresses after every minute, for about 10 minutes. Soreness can be prevented by decreasing your settings for tension or the amount of time you use to the device.

Should you buy the Phallosan forte?

If you desire to increase the size of your penis, then the Phallosan will be a great buy for you. it does deliver the promised results. It is also quite safe to use. The side effects should not be of much concern to you as they can only occur under incorrect usage of the device. Simply ensure that you follow all the instructions given in the user manual and you will have nothing less than complete satisfaction from the product.

If you are still confused with the phallosan forte side effect and results then you can place your comments here.

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Sizegenetics Alternatives – Best Penis Extender

Looking for best dick stretchers alternatives to Sizegenetics? Here is the page with full review.

Sizegenetics is a poplar penis extender that has been around for more than 20 years now. It works under the same principle used to build muscles. Your penis is stretched using traction and then left to heal, resulting in an increase in size. It has a few advantages such as being discrete when worn and can be used for long hours. However, it has been receiving lots of negative reviews, an indicator that customers are not getting complete satisfaction from it.

sizegenetics extender alternative

One of the main complains is that it hurts. There have been reports of people experiencing lots of pain when using Sizegenetics, especially over extended periods. The pressure on the penis is quite unnatural and the strap feels uncomfortable. The quality of the product is also not worth the price, according to many long-term users.

Best Sizegenetics Alternatives

Below are two best alternative penis extender to sizegenetics.

Phallosan Forte (Recommended!)

The Phallosan is a great alternative that has been in the market since the year 2001. It is FDA approved, meaning that you can find it even in pharmacies across a number of countries. Some main features of the Phallosan include;


It is considered the most comfortable extender device. It uses a vacuum condom to provide a nice grip that can stay on all day, without bringing any pain. An orthopedic belt is used to wear it sideways. It is so comfortable that you can wear it even during sleep, all night.


The quality of the Phallosan is very high. Only the best of materials have been used for construction. The materials have been clinically tested and approved to be safe for use and do not cause any allergic reactions whatsoever. Given the high quality, the extender is quite durable. You can use it even for an entire lifetime, but only with proper maintenance.

Ease of use

Using the Phallosan is quite straightforward. You only need a couple of seconds to get it in place. Mastering how to use it also takes a very short time. The package comes with a instructional manual that will come in handy for first time users.


Safety is always a number one priority for many. The Phallosan is considered completely safe, as long as it is used correctly. You will not get any injures or experience pain with it.

PeniMaster Pro

The PeniMaster pro was also developed in Germany and has been in the market for quite some time. It works under the same principle as the Phallosan, using a vacuum head piece to attach to the penis. It is very comfortable that you can go about any activity, including physical exercise, without it getting in the way. You also get options of using weights, an extender rod, or a belt. Some of its main features include;

Strong vacuum

The vacuum headpiece that attaches to your penis gives a firm but comfortable grip. It means that you will not have to keep adjusting it throughout the day.

Conclusion – Which is better than Sizegenetics?

The Phallosan and PeniMaster Pro are both great alternatives. You cannot go wrong with either of them. The Phllosan however, seems to offer a lot more options, but both will give you great results. Phallosan is in market since last decade and have millions of happy customers all around the world. I would suggest you to buy phallosan full package for assured result.

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