PE Bible Supplements List and Dosage by John Collins

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The penis is a man’s most important organ of the body. Any man always wants to enlarge his penis size as a way of affirming his sexual dominance. Furthermore, women also enjoy having sex with a man having a big penis. This is why men would use any program to enlarge their sizes.

supplements dosage and list by Pe bible

One of the most exciting programs is The Penis Enlargement Bible. This program has been of great help to many men who have been looking for ways of enlarging their penis sizes. The success of this program relies on the users taking the right dosage as prescribed and eating the right food. If you focus on these two important areas, you will definitely have an increased penis size because of using the PE Bible. We will look at these two areas:

PE Bible Supplements List and Dosage

Most men underrate the use of supplements to increase their sizes. This is mainly because they are not aware of the right supplements and how to use them effectively to enlarge the penis. We will provide the list of supplements recommended by the PE Bible and the correct dosage.

  • L-Arginine/ L-Ornithine – 1500mg

This is an amino acid used for making proteins in the body. Since the enlargement of the penis relies on proteins, daily intake of this supplement will help you to increase your penis size. The prescribed dosage is 1500mg daily.

  • L-Tyrosine – 1000mg

This is also an amino acid supplement that helps in making proteins in the body. This supplement should be taken on a daily basis. The correct daily dosage is 1000mg.

  • Primrose oil – 1300mg

This supplement is good for increasing fertility. Penile growth is also enhanced when a man’s fertility is increased. The correct dosage is 1300mg daily.

  • Choline – 1500mg

This supplement contains vitamins and helps in muscle development. Using 1500mg of this supplement daily will help you realize your dreams of having an enlarged penis size.

  • GenF20 Spray – twice a day (3 sprays per session)

This is a hormone releaser spray that helps to enlarge the penis through stimulation of the male reproductive hormone. You should use it twice a day. Spray it thrice per session, thus, 6 sprays per day.

  • Water – 3.2 liters

Another important dosage is daily intake of water. You should drink 3.2 liters of water on a daily basis if you are looking to enlarge your penis size.

Best Penis Enlargement Foods by John Collins

While you are in the process of enlarging your penis, you need to use all the available methods. Eating the right food is one of the best ways to help you increase the size of your penis. There are various penis enlargement foods such as:

  • Bananas: help to increase blood flow in the body, which is essential in any penile activity
  • Salmon: contain Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good in maintaining good blood flow
  • Onions: contains sulfur, which is a natural blood circulation booster. Sulfur makes blood thinner, thus, increasing its circulation in the body
  • Turmeric: a good product that prevents clotting of blood to hasten the erection of a man’s penis
  • Cinnamon:it decreases blood pressure. You should take it in moderation to reduce the chances of damaging the liver. You should not take more than two teaspoons per day.

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If you follow the dosage of the supplements suggested Pe Bible and use some of the foods recommended, then you will have an easy time enlarging your penis. However, I strongly suggest to please visit official website or Penis Enlargement Bible and order the course for in-depth guide.

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