Does Phallosan Forte Really Work? – Read My Review

Whether the Phallosan forte extender works or not? This is the common question among all the male who want to order phallosan forte. That’s why I wrote this post to help you with my own experience.

The Phallosan forte is the best and easiest way to getting a bigger penis, thanks to its highly intelligent design that is capable of  giving you up to about 3 inches increase in size within just a couple of weeks. Wearing it for extended periods of time is made possible by all the comfort features that it has, making it much more effective. Some of the main features are discussed below.

does phallosan forte really work or not?

Features of Phallosan Forte Extender


The Phallosan allows you to reengage pressure in the case that depressurization occurs. This means that you can ensure the unit delivers constant tension force throughout the period of usage to deliver the best results. This is enabled by a three-way valve that makes use of an integrated suction pump.

Safe materials

Very high quality and safe materials are used to make the Phallosan Forte, ensuring that your health will not be put to risk in any possible way. The condom sleeve is made of medical grade silicone to avoid any allergic reactions. The high quality of materials also make the device very durable, meaning that it can give you good service for a lifetime given that you ensure that you maintain it regularly as recommended. It would also suggest you to use herbs and foods to increase your penis naturally.

Protection elements

Phallosan forte comes with a protector cap, which is used to shield the glans from the vacuum suction power. It also enables fast and easy adjustments of settings. The belt piece has an orthopedic design, which ensures that your hips and back are also protected during use.

Does Phallosan Forte really work?

Whether or not the Phallosan really work is a question that many usually ask. The simple answer to that is yes, it does work quite effectively. The astronaut-looking system makes use of a tension belt and pump to give progressive firm tension that enhances both length and girth of the penis. The entire process is absolutely painless.

In a more scientific explanation, the body has a way of naturally creating new cells whenever there is too much tension experienced, as a way of reducing the tension. The tension causes fissures and the new cells heal the fissures. The result of all this is an increase in the size of the penis.

How to use Phallosan forte for desired result?

The first step is to ensure that you have the right size of the bell and condom sleeve, depending on your current penis size. Roll the condom over the suction bell carefully, all the way to its edge. Next is to attach the protection cap, which is done by pulling it apart and carefully setting it over your glans in a nice fit. Now place your penis with the cap on, into the glass bell and unroll the condom over your penis. Ensure that the green valve is at the pump position to activate the suction pump. Buckle up the orthopedic belt in position according to the instructional manual.

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The Phallosan Forte is a great solution to getting a bigger penis. It might be a little more expensive than some other competing products, but is truly worth the value. We wrote comparison of phallosan and sizegenetics and based on that we can say that Phallosan really works. It will offer you better results using a shorter time.

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