Phallosan Forte Side Effect – Is It Scam?

The Phallosan Forte is a popular device among men with literally no major side effect and scam. Phallosan is the extender that is used for increasing the size of penis. It operates under the principle of tension, in that extending the penis for some given amount of time on a consecutive basis will result in permanent increase in size.

phallosan forte scam and side effects

The Phallosan device has been used for quite a number of years now with very positive results. It has been proven to work quite effectively and is in no way a scam. Its operation has a scientific and medical backing, just to show how effective it is. A few side effects may be experienced during usage, but they usually are quite minor and non-threatening.

Possible side effect of Phallosan Forte

If you use phallosan correctly then you can easily gain 5 inch length and increased girth of your penis. Sometime, using it wrongly creates a problem. Below are some common side effect of phallosan extender that you go through.

Side effect of Swelling

A number of people may experience swelling in the glans. This is usually as a result of tension. Applying to much tension, perhaps due to overzealous ambitions given the fact that Phallosan Forte is painless, resisting the temptation to set the tension too high can be a bit of a challenge. This is usually the case during the first week of usage for new users, before the penis gets used to the device. Great results are achieved by using the Phallosan forte consistently over time and not just the tension level. It means that you must allow yourself time to gradually get accustomed to the device to avoid the swelling.

I never suggest to buy phallosan extender from Amazon other third party site. They sell duplicate device and you will ended up losing money and may harm your dick too.


A few people also complain of the glans of their penis getting red in color. As frightening as this may appear to be, it is really nothing to be worried about. In most cases, it usually disappears on its own. It is caused by pressure exerted on the surface of the skin. Given the delicate nature of the skin covering the glans, the pressure will result in redness. Phallosan forte comes with a protector cap enclosed in the package. It reduces the amount of pressure to the glans and ensures that redness does not occur. You should also ensure that the orthopedic belt does not stretched excessively as it might cause strong vacuum within the suction bell.

Soreness Effect

When you over train, you are likely to experience some soreness. When this happens, you are supposed to get rest from your training routine until the soreness goes away. You can also speed u the healing process by alternating cold and hot compresses after every minute, for about 10 minutes. Soreness can be prevented by decreasing your settings for tension or the amount of time you use to the device.

Should you buy the Phallosan forte?

If you desire to increase the size of your penis, then the Phallosan will be a great buy for you. it does deliver the promised results. It is also quite safe to use. The side effects should not be of much concern to you as they can only occur under incorrect usage of the device. Simply ensure that you follow all the instructions given in the user manual and you will have nothing less than complete satisfaction from the product.

If you are still confused with the phallosan forte side effect and results then you can place your comments here.

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