Phallosan Forte Spare Parts, Protector Cap, and Belt

Phallosan Forte Spare Parts, Belt and Protector Cap tips: Phallosan Forte refers to a male enhancement product that has been tested clinically and approved by the European health authorities. It uses the principle of penis stretching to operate. Stretching works by causing small painless fissures in the penile tissues, which require the generation of new cells to heal. The new cells results in an overall increased penis size. With consistent use, the gains can be quite amazing. The device is among the most comfortable ones available in the market.

phallosan forte spare parts and belt

What are the Parts of Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte consists of many parts, which are assembled to make the device. Some of the main parts include;

  • Elastic belt

The belt is used for the stretching purposes. It is attached to the suction bell holding the penis strapped around the waist, stretching the penis towards one direction. It has a buckle to adjust the belt length so that you can control the stretch force to use.

  • Suction bell

This is what holds your penis comfortably, to allow for pulling. It uses suction to grip the penis unlike other the bands and rings in other devices, making it more comfortable. You can get it in three different sizes marked L, M, and S.

  • Protector cap

The protector cap is used to protect the glans against too much tension, due to the delicate nature of the glans.

  • Tension clip

The tension clip has a tension spring attachment and it is used for adjustment of the tension intensity. It uses a color code system similar to that of traffic lights to indicate tension.

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  • Suction ball

You can use the suction ball to pump the suction bell. It is an easier way of creating suction, which in turn offers grip to allow for stretching.

Basic Info about Phallosan Forte Spare Parts

When you buy the Phallosan Forte penis stretcher, you will receive a package that contains all the parts mentioned above, with the inclusion of an instructional manual and a measuring template. All the parts come with a warranty of two years with an exception of the protector caps and sleeves. The exception should not worry you as you can always find replacement of the parts in case they get lost or break.

There are many shops, including third party online stores that sell the spare parts. However, it is recommended that you get the parts only from the official website if you wish to get genuine parts and at the best prices. The parts offered on the official website are the three sizes of sleeve, protector caps, and XL bell. You must have bought the Phallosan Forte package to be able to make a purchase for the spare parts.

Can You Use Phallosan Forte Without Protector Cap?

You can use the Phallosan Forte without the protector cap if you wish to. However, your penis has to be conditioned for the settings before you try this. If the penis is not conditioned, you might get redness and edema. First time users are advised to use the protector cap for your penis extender from eBay and Amazon.

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