Unbend.me Reviews – Does It Works?

Don’t buy Unbend penis extender before you read the review! Find it really works or scam!

Men are always concerned with their sexual performance. They will do anything humanly possible to enhance their sexual performance.

One of the greatest hindrances to men’s good sexual performance is a curved penis. A man with a curved penis is bound not to perform well as a man with a straight penis, if all other factors are constant. Therefore, men with curved penises have been looking for ways of straightening their penises. One of the products available in the market for straightening the penis is Unbend.me. We will review this product and see if it works well.

Find The Unbend.me Reviews

This review will cover all that you need to know about Unbend.me including what you get in the package, its price, and pros & cons.

This is a system that works to correct penile curvature. The system works based on the traction method, where products such as braces are used to straighten the penis. The manufacturer claims that it works gradually to straighten the penis and takes about 12 weeks to get the penis straight.

What is included in the package?

When you order for the Unbend.me system, you will get the following items in your package: curvature correction device, aluminum pivots, an ergonomic contoured base, large aluminum rods, small aluminum rods. Travel pouch, vitamin E supplements, silicon tubes, foam pads, measuring tape, solid carrying case, aluminum assembly, dual band support, and instructional manual.

Essentially, you will get all the items you need to use this system.

The Price:

The Unbend.me Pro Edition retails at $179.97 while the Limited Edition retails at $204.97. Once in a while you may get a coupon code to give you a discount. However, there are no guarantees of getting discounts.

Pros and cons of Unbend.me

The pros:

  • It is a safe product because it is natural
  • The devices used are certified as non-hazardous
  • The price reflects the quality
  • The instruction of usage are very clear


  • The lifetime warranty does not work
  • There is no scientific inquiry into its working

Does it Really Work?

One of the key questions that potential users of this product always ask is whether this product really works.

Well, in all frankness, there is little to prove that the product truly works.

No scientific backing

Firstly, there is not even a single scientific research that has been done based on the product. Therefore, there is no scientific backing of the system. Without a scientific backing, it becomes a bit hard to prove that it truly works. Therefore, the users of the system only rely on the word of the manufacturer.

Poor reviews

In many of the unbiased review websites, the Unbend.me system is not rated well. There are doubts about its working and thus making it hard to believe that it works well.

Cheap price

While its cheap price may look like an attractive feature, it is just a clear sign that the system is of poor quality and cannot work to deliver results as expected.

Why is Phallosan Forte the Best Alternative?

If you want to straighten your penis, you should try using Phallosan Forte for it is the best alternative for Unbend.me. This product uses scientific methods to straighten the penis. Furthermore, there are scientific researches done based on Phallosan Forte, hence the affirmation that it works.

There are many people who have been using Phallosan Forte and most of them have recorded positive reviews of the product.

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