Average Testicle Size with Chart – How to Increase It?

If you are have testicle of small or average in size and looking to increase your balls; then here is the guide chart for you.

Sex is a basic human need that most men always feel obliged to perform better than others. The societal pressure has put it on men to bring their ‘A’ game when having sex. The male sex hormones are produced in the testicles. A man with a big testicle is bound to produce more hormone testosterone and sperms. Having a big testicle size is a guarantee of great sexual performance. This is why many men work hard to enhance their testicle size. The target by most men is usually to pass the average size of a testicle.

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What is the Average Testicle Size?

A testicle is oval in shape. On average, the size of a testicle is 4 x 3 x 2 cm. A majority of men have two testicles i.e. testes. It is quite normal for a man to have two testicles of different sizes. However, the variation in size is usually negligent.

Does Size Really Matter?

One of the key questions most people have been asking is as to whether the size of the testicles really matters. Well, the truth is that the size of a testicle matters a lot to a man. There are various benefits of that a man gets for having a larger testicle.

Importance of Testicle Size

Here are some of the leading benefits a man gets for having a larger testicle size:

Higher production of the hormone testosterone

One of the reasons why it is important to have a big testicle is because it boosts the production of the male primary sex hormone testosterone. With a boost in the product of this sex hormone, a man is bound to be more sexually active than a man with a lower level of this hormone. Furthermore, it helps a man get an improved appetite for sex.

Higher sperm production/count

Another great importance of a large testicle size is the improved production of sperms. A large testicle size helps men to produce more sperms.

This is a benefit because it can help tackle the problem of low sperm count.

There are many other benefits associated with a large testicle size with the above-mentioned only acting as the indicators of the kind of benefits you are likely to get.

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How to Get Bigger Balls Fast?

Many men have been seeking unique ways of enlarging their balls. Here are some useful tips that you can use to enlarge your balls:

Sleep well

Research has shown that men who have sleeping disorders also have small testicles. Therefore, you need to work on your sleep patterns to ensure you have a good sleeping time that would enhance the size of your testicles.

Eat the best foods

You have to be very selective about the kind of foods you are eating if you want to increase the size of your testes. Libido-friendly foods should be on top of your diet.

Massage the penile area

You can also massage the penile area as a way of increasing blood flow in the area.

Work on your ejaculation

Too much ejaculation depletes the energy of your sexual organs. You should avoid that as a way of ensuring your testes are growing bigger.

You should also try to last longer when having sex to make your testes soak in hormone filled blood.

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