How to Clean Phallosan Forte Extender?

The Phallosan Forte device has numerous benefits associated with it, including the main one, which is increasing the penis size. You can keep enjoying all the benefits but only under the condition that the device is in the right condition and is being used correctly. Part of ensuring that it is in the right condition is keeping it clean and in a healthy condition.

phallosan forte cleaning tips

The device comes directly into contact with your skin, on some of the most sensitive parts of the body. You therefore have to make sure that phallosan forte will not have any negative effects on you during the entire time that you will be using it. Some of the negative effects may include some diseases that are transmitted through uncleanliness.

Easy steps to Clean Phallosan Forte

For the cleaning process, you will need to have some luke-warm water and a mild cleaning agent. A piece of cloth or cotton will also help. The first step is to disassemble all the parts of the device. The components include the elastic belt that is usually strapped around the waist, the suction bell, the protector cap, the tension clip with the tension spring attachment, and the suction ball and the sleeve. Remember to move the green protruding marker on the valve of the suction ball before removing the ball. [ top Penis extension sleeve ]

One you have all the pieces disassembled, apply the cleaner to all the parts except the suction ball, handling each of them at a time. Gently scrub the components using the piece of cloth ensuring that you get all the surfaces clean. Take extra care for the sleeve and ensure that it is thoroughly clean. Remember that the suction ball must not come into any contact with water or oil as it may compromise the function of the valves.

Rinse all the components thoroughly in fresh water. You can then use a dry towel to dry them up. Never use a blow drier as it might tamper with the quality of the Phallosan Forte. Once they are completely dry, you are free to reassemble them for the next use. Remember to keep the sleeve condom rolled up until when you will need it again. [ How to remove fordyce spots ]

Special Care and Maintenance tips for Phallosan Forte

In order to keep the Phallosan Forte in great working condition, there are a few tips that you can follow. Some include,

  • Always store the device in good environmental conditions, away from direct sunlight. A clean and dry place under room temperature will work just fine.
  • It is advisable to sprinkle some baby powder on the outside of the condom sleeve and keep it rolled up whenever it is not in use.
  • Clean it as frequently as you can to ensure that it is always in a good hygienic condition. Remember to follow the right methods of cleaning.
  • Take proper care when assembling and disassembling it to ensure that there is no damage to any part. Special care must be taken for the valves. They must never come into contact with water or oil.

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The Phallosan Forte is a very precious device that we cannot afford to buy on a frequent basis. It is therefore important that you take special care of the one you have in order for it to work for a long time. You can apply same steps to clean trinitim extender.

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