Phallosan Forte Clinical Study and Medical Research

Phallosan Forte is made in Germany extender that has been medically researched and undergone through clinical study by doctors and scientist.

The quest by men to increase the size of their penis has led to many companies manufacturing devices that can help men achieve their desires. Of course, a bigger penis size is much more desirable to men for sexual satisfaction. Therefore, they all strive to get the best devices for this job. One such device is Phallosan.

Phallosan Forte is a male enhancement device that helps men to increase the size of their penis. It is an external device that men wear to help them increase the size of their penis.The device uses the traction principle to increase the size and girth of a man’s penis.

Just like any other device, Phallosan Extender has hit the market and many people are using it. However, some are worried about its effectiveness and if it has clinical studies to back its claims. That forms the basis of discussion here where we will look into all the details of Phallosan Forte clinical study.

Phallosan Forte and Clinical Study

Before introducing the device into the market, Phallosan Forte underwent a thorough clinical study. Dr. Clemens Tilke was in charge of the study. The purpose of the study was to determine if the device helps to increase the size of a man’s penis. The study also sought to find out the change in length and girth in a period of six months.

clinical study of phallosan forte extender

Who were the participants?

In this Phallosan clinical study, there were 24 patients who started the research. However, 2 dropped out and 5 did not return for the final measurement. This means that 17 patients were successfully measured at the end of six months. The analysis of the 17 patients is key to the clinical research of Phallosan Forte.

The participants were of varied ages ranging from 20 years to 68 years. The average age of the participants was 41 years. Extender also helps to treat Psychological ED fast.

Phallosan Forte Medical Research Results and Details

The medical research lasted six months. However, there was a statistical input in the 3rd month. Therefore, we will highlight the results in two phases, i.e. 3-month check and 6-month check.

Penis length Medical Research Results

Out of all the patients participating in this research, the patient with the shortest penis was at 8.7cm, the longest at 12.30cm, and an average of 15.50cm.

After 3 months of using this device, the shortest penis size was 10.50cm, the longest was 13.40cm and the average was 16.00cm. In all cases, there were significant increases in the size.

By the 6th month, the smallest penis size was 11.00cm, the longest was 14.10, and an average of 16.50cm. Again, there was a significant increase in the length.

Penis Girth Research Results

The researcher also recorded the size of the girth of the participants during the 3rd and 6th month of study. It is also increase testicles size naturally.

The starting numbers were as follows:

Smallest: 9.50cm
Largest: 12.70cm

3-month check numbers were as follows:

Smallest: 9.50cm
Largest: 13.50cm
Average: 11.30cm

6Month check numbers were as follows:

Average: 11.40cm

Does this Mean Phallosan Extender Works?

Yes, Phallosan Forte works to increase the length and girth of a man’s penis. Based on the clinical studies conducted for a period of six months, it is evident that all the participants increased the length and girth of their penis.

Therefore, one can count on Phallosan device to help him increase the length and girth of his penis.

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