Vitamin E for Penis Growth – Best Vitamins for Penis Enlargement

Penis growth is not same for all the men and hence many time we want to enlarge penis. You can consume vitamins (B, B5, Vitamin E etc) and herbs to gains good results with that.

One of the major problems that men face is in regards to the size of their penis. Naturally, a man’s desire is to have a large penis that will make his sexual encounter quite enjoyable for both him and the woman. It happens that not most men have large penis to satisfy the needs of their sex mates. If you are not happy with size of your penis, you should seek for natural ways of increasing the size of your penis. There are various natural options that men have with the use of Vitamins cited as the most effective way.

natural penis enlargement vitamins and herbsWhat is the Role of Vitamins in Increasing Penis Size?

Vitamins play a major role in helping men increase their penis size. Vitamins have vital nutrients that get into the blood stream and help men in increasing penis size. Whether you take vitamins from natural foods or use pills that have vitamins, the expected results are similar. The result is for the vitamins to increase the size of your penis. Generally, vitamins are good for sexual health and work good in boosting sexual functions. The good thing with Vitamins is that they are natural and thus provide for a safer and effective way of enlarging your penis. The role of Vitamins in increasing flaccid size is thus undisputed.

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Best Vitamins and Herbs for Penile Growth

Now that we know Vitamins play a major role in penis enlargement, we will look at some of the best Vitamins and herbs that you can use for penile growth.

Vitamin E

This popular Vitamin E increases the size of a man’s penis. Vitamin E works to treat erectile function and can help in penile growth. It does this by ensuring that blood circulation is not hampered in any way. It is known that proper blood flow helps to fill your penis erectile chambers in your shaft, which ultimately increases in the size of penis. So going to be the best alternative for phallosan extender.

Vitamin B5

This Vitamin helps in maintaining a healthy penile function. The Vitamin is necessary for cell metabolism in the penis, thus keeps the penis cells active and healthy capable of increasing the size of the penis.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

This Vitamin has therapeutic functions in your body that ensures you remain sound. By enhancing cardiovascular system, Vitamin B3 ensures that the penis receives adequate amounts of blood to help it grow as well as making it harder.

Ginkgo Biloba

This is a leaf extract from the popular ginkgo tree. This herb is quite useful in increasing sexual health as well as increasing the size of the penis. The herb does this by ensuring that there is effective blood flow to the brain.


This herb works well in increasing blood flow to the brain. It also increase nerve signals to the penis to make it increase in size. You should also try phallosan for to gain some extra length within short period of time.


This amino acid is common in treating erectile dysfunction. It does this by relaxing the body to allow for expansion of blood vessels. With this expansion, blood flows easily to the brain thus boosting chances of increasing penis size as well as getting harder erections.

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Where Can I Buy Vitamin E and Herbs for Penis Enlargement?

These Vitamins and herbs are readily available online. Since you cannot get these specific vitamins individually, you can access them through pills made out of these natural Vitamins and herbs. Amongst the popular herbal pills that you can purchase online are Vigrx Plus, Extenze and ProSolution. These are the leading natural pills that are easily accessible online. These pills work well in their primary duty of increasing men’s penis size.

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Does VigRx Plus Available in my Country?

Vigrx Plus is global male health supplement that you can purchase from anywhere. It is available in almost all the countries included but not limited to US, Canada, Australia, UK, India, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, France, Nigeria, Oman, Dubai (UAE), Qatar, Pakistan, Japan, Hongkong and more.

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This is how, you can enlarge your penis size with vitamins, herbs and minerals. Alternatively you can try some penis traction device and / or jelqing machine to enhance your penis size naturally without any pills.

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    1. Vigrx plus is available in Philippines too. In fact, they ship internationally. Check above link to know more about their shipping policy.

        1. They offer affordable international shipping. You can follow the link given here and choose your choice of package and enter your country and shipping address. It takes 10 to 20 days for International delivery.

        1. Hi,

          It is available worldwide. Simply visit their official site by clicking the link given above and place your order with desire shipping address. You can convert dollar price into your local currency too!


    1. Frankly, It totally depend on how your body react. However you should see the difference within 4 to 6 weeks of usage.

      1. I want to buy it..but I couldn’t fill in my address cause my address is too long. How am i going to buy it?

  1. Hello sir can I get or shipped vigrx plus to Nigeria is there no side effect in it and can I add additional 5 inches to my present 5inches which one is the best because we have too much now with no visible result all over the world which one can u recommend as the best with visible permanent result

    1. Vigrx plus is available worldwide including Nigeria too. There is no any serious side effects reported by current customers. In order to gain another 5 inches, I suggest to try vigrx plus with Phallosan forte extender. Using both you will get permanent and fast result.

    1. Ginkgo biloba alone won’t help you. You need to take other herbs with that and all should be in proper quantity. Hence I always prefer over the counter herbal supplement like Vigrx plus or Extense.

  2. Can i use vigrx plus while using jes extender! Planning to go on a 3 month program! I am planning to use jes extender to fix my curve penis, but will vigrx plus helps to boost the growth and give the nutrition needed for the growth?

    1. Hi Dom,

      Vigrx plus is definitely good natural supplement that boost the gain and give you growth you want. Make sure to use it as per dosage for desire result.

    1. Thank you taking time to add your query. You can follow the link given here to open official Vigrx plus site. They offer international shipping, so you will get it in South Africa as well.

  3. Hello I am very simply looking for a combination of natural supplements that will promote penis growth is there a list of them I can find anywhere?

  4. I grew my penis by 4 extra inches using Dr Alex Herbal Cream, The main reason for buying this was to add to my penis size. My confidence with with my woman was low. People with average size penises offer advice on getting straight mentally. Its confidence not penis size. etc etc. Well let me tell you. My penis is about average size now and my confidence has gone through the roof. I religiously followed the exercises. and concentrated on one thing at a time i.e making my penis bigger.. There are Tips as well to show you what to do. They are quite tasteful using cucumbers. In the members area there is a lot of good information on premature ejaculation,increasing your stamina, more self control etc. It is like being in a sweaty shop and inundated with everything. You can’t try it all in one go. Concentrate on what you want, All thanks to Dr Alex for his product for i have also used other which never work out.

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