Posterior Fornix Orgasm Simulator – How to Give Culdesac

If you are wondering how to give her Posterior Fornix Orgasm or simulator that can hit Culdesac then you are landed on right page.

Fornix of the vagina, also known as the fornix vaginae, refers to the superior portions of the vagina, which extends to the recesses that are created by the vaginal portion of the cervix. ‘Fornix’ is a Latin word which translates to ‘arch’. The number of named fornices is four. One of them is the posterior fornix, the larger recess which is located behind the cervix, close to the recto-uterine pouch.
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Posterior Fornix Orgasm

There are many types of orgasms that a woman can experience among the least common one being the posterior fornix orgasm. One of the reasons as to why it is so common might be due to the fact that it is not quite easy to hit that spot during sexual intercourse. It requires certain angles to be right for both the man and woman, and the penis of the man should also be long enough to reach the cul-de-sac. It is quite easy to know when you have the right angle and perfect penetration as you will feel some sort of sac swallowing the head of your penis. The reaction of the woman can also be a great way to judge. [ Best Water Penis Pump ]

Posterior Fornix Orgasm

How to make a woman get a Posterior Fornix (Culdesac) Orgasm?

Position is the key factor for this milestone to be accomplished through penetration. You should penetrate from behind and go in as deep as you possibly can. If you have small penis then you should try phallosan to gain size and girth. Next step is to move her into different angles, trying to adjust her in order to the little pocket. Adjust her until you feel the little pocket covering the head of your penis. You will also notice some different reactions from the woman such as heavier breathing and less talking. If you are doing it right, she is likely to even mourn and scream so loud, encouraging you to pound her even harder and faster.

Now that you have found the perfect position, the next step is trying to get her to orgasm. You need to be able to use any of your preferred ejaculation techniques to ensure that you remain as hard as you possibly can without ejaculating. Start with slow and steady thrusts while caressing her with your hands and playing with her clit. Keep this going for some time then begin to gradually increase the pace. Be careful not to get swallowed in the moment and hit too hard as that might become more painful than pleasurable. Increase the pace and enjoy the moment as you see your woman get to the best orgasm ever. You can also try to time it right such that you orgasm at the same time.

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Best Posterior Fornix Simulator

Hot Vaginal Culdocentesis Simulator is a model that consists of cortex, uterus, fixed abdominal visceral organs, vagina, rectal water sac, uterine-rectal haematodocha and the stand. Cortex is what covers the whole body. The stand is used to hold the entire model, keeping its breech up and therefore making its operation simple. Some of the main features include;

  • The materials used are advanced, having soft and elastic skin that gives it a true feeling and real pathological tissue
  • The anatomical positions are all correct

If you don’t want to use any of such simulator then you should have enough size of Penis to hit Culdesac. In order to increase your penis size and give Posterior Fornix to your partner you can use phallosan or penimaster pro or any other extender. That is safe and give you natural boost.

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