How to Make your Peni Bigger Naturally

Having a big penis is one of the things most men desire to get. There are a couple of reasons as to why it is considered important to have the best size of a penis.

Why should you need big Penis?

Four out of ten men are suffering from short dick and that is considered as sexual disease. Below are some common reason to have large penis.

gaining penile girth and length

Sexual experience

There are a lot of studies and research that which have been carried out to prove that having a bigger penis leads to a better sexual experience. The improvement is felt by both sex partners. With bigger penis, you will be more likely to get your woman to reach to an orgasm, probably multiple times every time you have sex. You also get to experience harder erections which lead to extremely pleasurable ejaculations. That might be explained by the fact that more blood flows to the penis during erection. If you want to hit Cul-de-sac then you must have enough penis size.


Lack of self-esteem and confidence is a common problem among men who have small penis sizes. This usually cuts across all aspects in life and not just the sexual side of it. The lack of confidence might affect how a man socializes or relates to women in a negative way. This is however, not a problem to worry about as it can be easily reversed by enlarging your penis.

There are a couple of ways through which any man can get his penis larger. They include surgical procedures which might be invasive and expensive, use of drugs and injections which also don’t sound so appealing, and the natural methods.

Best ways to Make your Peni Bigger Naturally

Want to enlarge your penis but don’t know the correct method? Below are some highly popular products and natural ways to get bigger cock.

Penis extender

A penis extender (i.e Phallosan, etc) refers to a popular device used for the enlargement of the penis. It works by literally stretching the penis through a certain duration, after which the penis will assume the stretched position as the natural size. When done correctly, it works very effectively. It is quite popular due to the fact that it is not so expensive but delivers great results. Phallosan and Penimaster are top selling extender that can also be useful to straighten your dick.

Using pumps

This is another great way to improve the penis size in a method that is inexpensive and non-invasive. There are various types of pumps used for this with the most common ones being water based. The principle of operation is basically to create a suction force in the tube where your penis is inserted. This causes the tissues in the penis to stretch outwards. Temporary results can be seen almost instantly and when done over some time, the results become permanent. You can read my review of best water penis pump for maximum result.


For those who do not wish to invest any money but still wish to have bigger penis, doing exercises is a great way to go. There are so many types of exercises available, most of which works just fine when done correctly and can give you a couple of extra inches for both girth and length. Some of the common ones include jelqing, kegels, stretcher, opposite pull and the lifter. With exercises, you have to do them for a longer period of time for you to get good results. You also have to be committed to it and do them on a daily basis.

You can also combine some of the methods above in order to gain girth and length of penis in super fast time.

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