Best Penis Extension Sleeve – Traz rhino Penis Review

Traz rhino Penis Sleeve Review: A penis extension sleeve refers to a device that can help you achieve a bigger penis effect instantly. It is actually a sleeve which has been designed to fit perfectly over your penis without the need of using belts, ball locks or buckles which might take the fun out of it.

The outside of the penis extension sleeve is designed to look and feel exactly like a real dick, if not better. On the inside of the sleeve, there are a couple of unique patterns which serve two purposes. The first is to hold the sleeve in place so that it does not keep coming off. This is made possible by the creation of a vacuum inside the sleeve. The other purpose is to stimulate the penis during the thrusting motion, giving you maximum pleasure. The sleeve increases penis length and girth and can allow you to please your partner better.

Traz rhino – The Best Penis Extension Sleeve

Traz rhino has been designed to operate in the exact same way as an extension sleeve, only that it does not look like one. Its looks is made unique for functionality purposes, replicating all the transformations that the penis usually have when inside a woman. The Traz is made of silicone with an orgasmic coil interior.

Traz rhino Penis Extension Sleeve Review

Advantages of Traz Rhino Penis Sleeve

  • Body safe

Traz Rhino Penis Sleeve is made from medical grade silicone which makes it 100% safe for all its intended purposes, for both partners.

  • Size

With the sleeve on, you are able to give the performance of an 8 inch. Both you and the lady are guaranteed to enjoy a better sexual experience. This is done without compromising on the sexual feel. The sizing is also customizable to ensure a perfect fit for your needs. You can use that to give posterior fornix orgasm.

  • No slip grip

It is designed in such a way that there is no slip during the thrusting motion ensuring that it always stays in place for maximum pleasure. The texture also give a stroking sensation that takes the pleasure a further notch higher.

  • Cleaning

You do not require anything special to clean it. Just the normal mild soap and water are enough to make it clean and hygienic enough.

  • Durability

Traz Rhino is intended for multiple use. Cleaned and stored under the right conditions, it can be reused as many times as you wish.

  • Functionality

The Traz Rhino has more than just one function. It can be used as a dildo for the lady, a penis enlarger during sex or even a masturbation sleeve for men. Both partners can enjoy it in various ways, alone or together. It can be used while performing edging technique for maximum result.


  • It is not the real thing: Despite all the benefits and advantages that it has, it is just not your real size. Having a penis big enough will eliminate some of its functions.

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Why should you buy Traz Rhino Penis Extension Sleeve?

Traz Rhino is the perfect instant solution to any man feeling inadequate about his penis size. You can now regain your confidence by simply incorporating this amazing device into your sex life. You will wow your partner and feel much more pleasure as well. You can even use it for those solo moments that you desire to have some fun.

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