How Big Penis Should be to hit cul-de-sac

How Big your penis should be to give posterior orgasm? Culdesac, also known as the recto-uterine pouch, rectovaginal, rectouterine excavation, cavumDouglasi, Ehrhardt-Cole or the Pouch of Douglas, is a peritoneal cavity extension found between the posterior wall of the uterus and the rectum in the female human body. It is the deepest point of the peritoneal cavity, anterior to the rectum and behind the uterus. This position is near the front of the fornix of the vagina.

How to hit culdesac to give Posterior Fornix?

In order for a man to hit this spot, you need to penetrate deep enough. The first trick is in the position. Mount the woman from behind and adjust her angle appropriately, going as deep as you can until you hit the spot.

The cul-de-sac is located a bit deep, meaning that you need to have a penis big enough to hit it. Ideally, the physic of the woman plays a major role in determining what length of the penis is required, with short petite women requiring a bit less length. However, the generalized length that would be sufficient for most women is about 7 inches.  This length is nothing more than just a dream for most men. It however, does not mean that they can never achieve it. There are various ways through which the size of the penis can be increased. One of the best methods is by use of the Phallosan Fortr Extender.

How big penis should be to hit culdesac?

Since culdesac is located at inner part of vagina, so you should have big and hard penis to hit that. If you want to give Posterior Fornix Orgasm then you should first have long dick and that can be possible with the help of extenders like phallosan forte, bathmate, penimaster pro etc.

This is one of the most popular and effective penis enlargement and male enhancement device that is available in the current market. The company has an amazing track record of 14 years of happy customers, physician tests and scientific studies. It has evolved to be known by many people as the best penis extender in the world, thanks to the intelligent design which provides an experience that is nothing less than amazing.

If you are suffering from a small dick, the Phallosan will help you to not only increase the length, but the girth as well. When used correctly and for a good amount of time, it can also correct curving of the penis and even cure erectile dysfunction. That is not all, you also get a better and stronger erection that leads to better orgasms, as part of the results. This might be attributed to the increased blood flow to the penis as well as stimulation. You can also try Andropenis extender but cannot match the result with phallosan.

How the Phallosan Forte works?

You can gain with phallosan only if you use it correctly. The device extends the girth and length of the penis by using a firm and progressive tension that is pain free, through a system that looks like that of an astronaut, via a pump, glass bell and tension belt.

The first step is to put the tip of you penis into the rubber protector cap that comes included in the packaging. It helps to prevent any discomfort. Next, roll the sleeve of the rubber condom on the glass bell over your penis. You will now be set to pump the bell pump, exerting a gentle pressure which creates a comfortable mini vacuum effect that will hold everything nicely in place. The final step is to attach the orthopedic belt system

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