Get Rid of Fordyce Spots on Penis Shaft & Head

Fordyce Spots, also known as Fordyce disease or Fordyce granules, refers to visible sebaceous glands which are usually present in most individuals. The name came from an American dermatologist, John Addison Fordyce, who was the first one to describe them clinically in a medical journal.

The most common place for Fordyce to appear is usually on the genital area, penis shaft and head for men. They usually appear as bumps or raised spots that are painless and pale or red in color, 1 to 3 mm in diameter. The spots are not associated with any disease whatsoever and are not infectious in any way. They are just a natural occurrence on the body and therefore does not necessarily require any treatment. For cosmetic concerns however, you might want to get rid of them. [ Edging trick for ejaculation ]

Causes of Fordyce Spots on Penis shaft and head

The sebaceous glands are usually found in association with the hair follicle. For people with the greasy skin types, the Fordyce spots appear to be more obvious. The lamps being oil-secreting glands, sebum is said to be the causative agent. Sebum refers to the oily secretion of the sebaceous gland. The glands usually open to a hair follicle and secrete the oil up to the hair shaft. For this condition however, the skin lesions are ectopic sebaceous glands, meaning that the glands are not positioned in the right place. The sebum then gets trapped in the glands as there is no hair follicle for the outlet. The result is the formation of the small bumps. [ how to give posterior forix orgasm ]

How to Cure Penis Fordyce Spots naturally?

Leaving the spots alone will in most cases, resolve the problem over time. However, due to cosmetic concerns, there are a couple of ways which you can use to make the spots disappear faster. Some of them include;

  • Incorporating garlic in the diet

Bacteria in the blood stream can be successfully decreased by garlic. Increasing the consumption of garlic will therefore help to reduce the visibility of the spots, among many other benefits. [ Best Penis Extension Sleeve ]

  • Using aqueous sour fresh fruit juice

Fruits such as oranges and lemons can be squeezed or blended with water to make juice from it. The juice should then be applied to the spots using cotton or a piece of cloth on a daily basis. The spots should disappear after a couple of days. [ Making your Penis bigger ]

  • Oil treatment

Mix equal portions of tea tree oil, cabreuva and bezoin with olive oil together with Scotch pine essential oil of the same quantity. Apply the mix on the Fordyce spots and allow it to dry for a while. Use lukewarm and a gentle anti-bacterial soap water to clean it off.

  • Apply apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be quite effective in in reducing the Fordyce spots. To improve its effectiveness, you can use a combination of Argania and Jojoba oil as well. [ Penis Length for Culdesac ]

  • Olive oil or coconut

Always remember to clean the affected area using antimicrobial soap after treatment with the essential oils. Cleaning will take away moisture so you can apply a little bit of oil afterwards.

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