Average Penis Girth Size and How to increase that

The size of the penis, both in terms of length and girth varies widely across the world. Factors such as genetics might affect the size of every individual. On average, the penile size might also be determined by ethnicity. Some studies have been done across the world to come up with the average sizes for some of the most popular geographical regions. Some of the results are as below;

Africans and African-Americans are said to have the highest numbers when it comes to the penis girth with an average of 14.5 cm. This number is followed closely behind by the Australians who average 14 cm. The Hispanic average at 13.3 cm. In North and South Korea, the average is slightly on the lower side at 10.2cm.

What is penis Average length and girth size to satisfy girl?

The answer to this question might not be as obvious as many would expect. This is because there are so many factors to consider. First of all, we have to take note of the fact the most women can accommodated quite a wide range of sizes when it comes to girth. If you want to hit Cul-De-Sac then you need enough size.

This is because the vagina has the ability to stretch or contract so as to fit the penis perfectly, irrespective of the size. That being said however, it is obvious that there are some extreme sizes that will not completely satisfy a woman as she would love to. Too big and the vagina would stretch beyond comfortable limits meaning that the experience might end up being painful. Too little and it will not provide as much pleasure as would be desired.

An average penis girth of between 11cm and 14.5 cm is considered to be the most ideal by many, but as stated earlier, it all depends on the individuals.

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How to increase penis size and girth naturally?

Analyzing the numbers shows that there is quite a good number of men who would wish to increase the size of penis girth for better sexual experience. There are quite a number of ways to go about this, but most are either ineffective or too expensive. The best way through which you can achieve this goal naturally include exercising. Some of the exercises that you can perform are;

  • Jelqing – this is one of the most popular exercises. There are two types, wet jelq and dry jelq with the difference being only the use of lubricants. The process involves massaging the shaft for a couple of minutes using a milking motion while it is in a semi-erect state.
  • Use Penis Extender Sleeve – There are some realistic penis extender sleeve that you can use to instantly increase your size and girth.
  • Erect squeeze exercise – this is yet another popular exercise that works so effectively when it comes to increasing the girth of the penis. Also known as the ULI, it is most effective for gaining size of the glans as well as the upper shaft. The main idea of the exercise is to force blood from the lower parts of the penis in the erect state, into the glans and the upper shaft. The process involves squeezing with both hands and holding it about 30 seconds.
  • You can buy Phallosan or Trinitim Extender to get bigger and wider dick. It is one time investment and no need go under any surgery.

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