Yummy Cum Pills Review – Improve Semen Taste Naturally

Would you like to cum like pornstar with better semen taste? Read my Yummy Cum Pill Review. YummyCum naturally makes your semen tasty and you can cum with bigger loads and harder erection.

Quite a number of women find the taste of a man’s cum to be salty or bitter. Some even find it to be a little repulsive. The result of this is that you will not receive a blowjob from the woman, or at least she will not allow you to cum in her mouth, which limits your sexual experience. Yummy Cum pills are pills that can help solve this problem.

Yummy Cum Pill Review

Yummy Cum is designed to make your cum taste a lot better, making it pleasant for the woman. This unique brand contains strong antioxidants and natural fruit extracts which will not only improve the taste and smell of your cum, but your overall being as well.

Review: How Do Yummy Cum Pills Work?

Yummy Pills naturally increases sperms and semen production while improving the taste of your ejaculation at the same time. This is made possible by the combination of ingredients, primarily the antioxidants and natural fruit extracts. It has been proven that certain types of foods affect how body fluids taste, including semen, saliva, and sweat. You should check my comparison about phallosan vs sizegenetics.

How to improve Semen Taste Naturally using Yummy Cum?

Yummy cum pills are designed for any sexual man who desires to have his cum taste sweet. Any couple that wishes to make their sex life literally taste better can take advantage of it. It also comes with a host of other health benefits, given that the primary ingredients are natural fruit extracts. This means that you can use it even when the intention is not really to improve cum taste.
Natural Semen Flavor Enhancer


The pills come in a bottle, each bottle containing 60 pills. It is recommended that a dosage of only two pills per day be taken on a daily basis, accompanied with lots of water. However, you can take up to six pills about three hours before receiving a blowjob to make your semen taste and smell delicious. Overdosing on the pills is claimed to have zero negative side effects due to the fact that only natural fruits are used in the formula. It contains Vitamin E to grow your penis naturally.


Yummy cum pills should not be used by anyone below the age of 18 years. It should also be avoided by anyone suffering from certain conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease, or while undergoing another treatment. If you are using other medication and wish to start using Yummy cum pills, consult with your doctor first.

Money back guarantee

The supply of Yummy cum pills is covered by a two-month money back guarantee, if for whatever reason, it fails to meet the expectation of the user. This shows how much confidence they have in their product.
buy Yummycum cheap


  • It enhances the flavor of your cum
  • It is 100% safe to use
  • Yummy Cum improves your general health thanks to its natural ingredients
  • It has no negative side effects
  • Like as Automatic Jelqing device, YummyCum Comes with a two-month money back guarantee.
  • Shipment is done to anywhere across the globe.
  • You can use that with penis traction device.


  • No clinical studies to show its effectiveness and efficiency
  • It takes 3 to 5 weeks to see the effective result.

As per the Review of Yummy cum pills, It work quite effectively, and will go a long way in making both you and your partner enjoy a blowjob session. You should also think to use Phallosan forte extender.

Best Natural Penis Enlargement Foods – Grow Your Dick

Best Natural Foods to Enlarge Penis Size: Since inception, men have always been trying to find ways of enlarging their male organs. Penis enlargement has become a serious concern to many men. This is because every man always wants to show great performance in bed and only a large penis size can guarantee that. To this effect, there are many ways of enlarging penis size of men. Given the risks of landing on a bad male enhancement pill and jelqing machine, majority of men look for natural ways of enhancing their male organs.

best penis enlargement foods

One of the best things to do is to eat natural foods that guarantee best results. It is true that foods can actually work to help you increase your penis size and enjoy an improved sexual experience. You should check my previous post about comparison of phallosan and sizegenetics.

How foods and diet helps to grow your dick

The male reproductive organ is part of the body and it relies on a number of factors for its growth. With the right food, the penis is bound to grow. Here below are some of the ways in which foods and diet helps to grow your dick. Good thing is that you no need to use any kind of penis traction device and you will get desired result all naturally.

  • Improved blood circulation: One of the ways in which food and good diet helps to grow your dick is by improving blood circulation in the body. With increased blood circulation, one is bound to increase the size of the penis since proper blood circulation is an essential element in increasing penis size.
  • Increase male hormones: Good food and diet contain fatty acids, which work to increase male hormones.

While looking at individual foods, we will see how they help in increasing flaccid penis size.

Best Natural Penis Enlargement Foods

Here below are the best foods to enlarge your penis naturally. You can make your diet accordingly. I would suggest you to do some exercise like jelqing to gain significantly.

  1. Eggs

Eggs have a lot of protein that help in rebuilding penile tissues. By doing this, eggs help in optimizing the increase of dick size. Eggs are also good at controlling hormone levels.

  1. Figs

Figs are good at enlarging your dick for this species of flowering plant contain amino acids, which are good for male reproductive organ.

  1. Basil

Basil is a herb that is good because it helps in improving blood circulation in the body. Improved blood circulation is important strengthening the muscles.

  1. Almonds

Almonds are rich in fatty acid, which help in grow the male hormones faster. With an increase in male hormones, there is certainly a way to increase the size of cock.

  1. Banana

Banana is good in growing your penis naturally due to the high protein content in it. It also helps in increasing libido and gives stronger erections.

  1. Garlic

Garlic may be a bit smelly but has a super effect in your quest to increase penis size. It has allicin, which is responsible for improving circulation in the penis.

Foods to Avoid while Increasing Penis Size

While in the process of increasing your penis size, you should avoid the following foods:

  1. Flavored soda: Research shows that flavored soda increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. This is because it damages the arteries in the penis by raising cholesterol levels.
  1. Farmed fish: When shopping for fish, it is good to go for wild over farmed fish because the latter contain risk of reducing male hormones due to the chemicals used.
  1. Pizza: Pizza is also not a food that you should eat for it has refined carbs and cheese, which causes trouble for your erection.

Final Thought:

From the above, it is clear that there are more than enough foods to eat in your quest to increase the size of your penis. It is therefore, advisable to take the good foods highlighted above to see great results. Of importance, also, is to avoid the foods mentioned as bad for your penis. You should also check for alternative of phallosan extender if you want to extra gain and don’t have time.

Vitamin E for Penis Growth – Best Vitamins for Penis Enlargement

Penis growth is not same for all the men and hence many time we want to enlarge penis. You can consume vitamins (B, B5, Vitamin E etc) and herbs to gains good results with that.

One of the major problems that men face is in regards to the size of their penis. Naturally, a man’s desire is to have a large penis that will make his sexual encounter quite enjoyable for both him and the woman. It happens that not most men have large penis to satisfy the needs of their sex mates. If you are not happy with size of your penis, you should seek for natural ways of increasing the size of your penis. There are various natural options that men have with the use of Vitamins cited as the most effective way.

natural penis enlargement vitamins and herbsWhat is the Role of Vitamins in Increasing Penis Size?

Vitamins play a major role in helping men increase their penis size. Vitamins have vital nutrients that get into the blood stream and help men in increasing penis size. Whether you take vitamins from natural foods or use pills that have vitamins, the expected results are similar. The result is for the vitamins to increase the size of your penis. Generally, vitamins are good for sexual health and work good in boosting sexual functions. The good thing with Vitamins is that they are natural and thus provide for a safer and effective way of enlarging your penis. The role of Vitamins in increasing flaccid size is thus undisputed.

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Best Vitamins and Herbs for Penile Growth

Now that we know Vitamins play a major role in penis enlargement, we will look at some of the best Vitamins and herbs that you can use for penile growth.

Vitamin E

This popular Vitamin E increases the size of a man’s penis. Vitamin E works to treat erectile function and can help in penile growth. It does this by ensuring that blood circulation is not hampered in any way. It is known that proper blood flow helps to fill your penis erectile chambers in your shaft, which ultimately increases in the size of penis. So going to be the best alternative for phallosan extender.

Vitamin B5

This Vitamin helps in maintaining a healthy penile function. The Vitamin is necessary for cell metabolism in the penis, thus keeps the penis cells active and healthy capable of increasing the size of the penis.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

This Vitamin has therapeutic functions in your body that ensures you remain sound. By enhancing cardiovascular system, Vitamin B3 ensures that the penis receives adequate amounts of blood to help it grow as well as making it harder.

Ginkgo Biloba

This is a leaf extract from the popular ginkgo tree. This herb is quite useful in increasing sexual health as well as increasing the size of the penis. The herb does this by ensuring that there is effective blood flow to the brain.


This herb works well in increasing blood flow to the brain. It also increase nerve signals to the penis to make it increase in size. You should also try phallosan for to gain some extra length within short period of time.


This amino acid is common in treating erectile dysfunction. It does this by relaxing the body to allow for expansion of blood vessels. With this expansion, blood flows easily to the brain thus boosting chances of increasing penis size as well as getting harder erections.

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Where Can I Buy Vitamin E and Herbs for Penis Enlargement?

These Vitamins and herbs are readily available online. Since you cannot get these specific vitamins individually, you can access them through pills made out of these natural Vitamins and herbs. Amongst the popular herbal pills that you can purchase online are Vigrx Plus, Extenze and ProSolution. These are the leading natural pills that are easily accessible online. These pills work well in their primary duty of increasing men’s penis size.

If you want Bigger, Harder and Long lasting erection then you should TRY Vigrx Plus. It is No #1 selling male enhancement supplement that is made from all natural ingredients like Vitamins, Damiana, Tribulus, and Bioperine.

Does VigRx Plus Available in my Country?

Vigrx Plus is global male health supplement that you can purchase from anywhere. It is available in almost all the countries included but not limited to US, Canada, Australia, UK, India, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, France, Nigeria, Oman, Dubai (UAE), Qatar, Pakistan, Japan, Hongkong and more.

Simply Visit This Link and Click on Order Now button. You will be asked to choose your package; 1 month, 2, 3, 6 mo and 12 months. Higher the package, more will be the saving. So, I suggest you to buy at least 3 months pack. Now, you will be redirected to payment page. Enter your billing and shipping details and click on “Proceed My Order” button to complete the order.

VigrxPlus comes with 100% Money back guarantee. So no any risk in ytrying it. Moreover, It is doctor approved male enhancement product.

This is how, you can enlarge your penis size with vitamins, herbs and minerals. Alternatively you can try some penis traction device and / or jelqing machine to enhance your penis size naturally without any pills.

Phallosan Forte vs SizeGenetics – Review and Comparison

Phallosan Forte vs SizeGenetics: Carried out some extensive research on penis extenders? but still unable to make a decision, this comparison review will help you out. You will be investing your time and money to get the particular goals that you are aiming for so getting the best should be a priority. Both Phallosan Forte and SizeGenetics are among the top rated and best selling dick extenders in the current market. Only a few differences in terms of features and appearance separate them.

phallosan forte vs sizegenetics comparison

Comparison of Phallosan Forte VS Sizegenetics

Instead of getting robotic jelqing machine, you should go for some penis extender which always works. Phallosan vs Sizegenetics are two main brand in the male enhancement industries and almost 70% of people consumers of this sector are using it.

About the maker

Phallosan Forte extender device is manufactured by a Malta-based medical equipment manufacturer known as Texana Manufacturing Ltd. Swiss Sana Anstalt, based out of a European country know as Liechtenstein, are responsible for selling it.

The SizeGenetics brand has changed hands quite a number of times, but is currently owned by a DanaMedicApS, a Denmark based company.

Uses and Results

As per their name, penis-stretching devices usually have a main purpose of improving the penis size. The idea behind all of them is that applying a traction force constantly for extended periods of time will promote a natural growth in the tissues of the penis, helping to permanently elongate the penis. Both the Phallosan Forte or SizeGenetics offer great results as they all use the same principle.

Working mechanism of Sizegenetics and Phallosan

SizeGenetics works by pulling the penis using a rubber strap fastener, which is wrapped securely just below the penis glans. It considered as one of the best alternative to phallosan. It allows stretching of the penis either upwards or downwards. Phallosan Forte on the other hand, uses a belt system to stretch the penis. It has a headpiece that attaches to the glans through a vacuum seal, allowing you to pull your penis using the attached belts. The belts wrap around your hips, stretching the penis in a sideways direction.

Ease of use

Using any of these products for the first time might be a little confusing, but a little practice will make it feel like second nature. Comparing SizeGenetics and Phallosan Forte however, the Phallosan seems to be a bit easier to handle. It also comes with very clear instructions that are easy to understand and follow, including explanation videos.


SizeGenetics comes with lots of comfort plasters, which are meant to prevent slippage and rubbing. This goes a long way in trying to make it more comfortable. However, using it for extended periods of time, as should, makes you experience some discomfort. Performing daily activities while wearing it may also be a bit challenging. Phallosan Forte is more comfortable for usage over extended time. it is easy to wear it under your clothes and continue with your daily activities, without it getting noticed.


When it comes to penis extenders, pain does not equal gains in any way. Safety concerns associated with SizeGenetics include circulation cut-off to the glans. This makes it necessary to keep taking breaks after every few hours to restore circulation. For the Phallosan Forte, the glans selling a little and getting pale are the only side effects. Everything usually goes back to normal as soon as the device is removed.

You can order phallosan online at discounted rate with the help of promo codes and coupons. They also offer Free Shipping and 100% Satisfaction guarantee too.

Which is best, Phallosan or SizeGenetics?

The SizeGenetics is a great product, which does deliver results. The Phallosan Forte is however, the better product as in addition to delivering results, is more comfortable and easier to use. Both of them increase your Flaccid Size naturally without taking any harmful pills or surgery.

Best Penis Traction Device for Men

Penis traction has become popular in the recent past. Browse some best rated penis traction device for men peyronie’s disease.

This is due to many people’s desires to have enlarged and cure your curved penis. Penis traction is the natural process of increasing the size of penis by actively pulling the penis.

penis traction device review for men

The primary reason for penis traction is to increase the size of flaccid penis and to cure bent dick. However, there are other benefits that come with traction that make more people to prefer using this method to enlarge penis. Other reasons include increased libido, harder erections and ultimately improved confidence when having sex.

There are penis traction devices that can help you in this process.

What are the benefits of a penis traction device?

  • Work accurately: a traction device is bound to work accurately in the quest to increase penis size.
  • Easy to use: it is quite easy to use a dick extender thus making the whole process of male enhancement an easy affair.
  • Safe to use: the device is a non-invasive, non-surgical option that helps in increasing the size of a man’s penis.
  • Permanent results:the results gotten from the use of a penis traction device tend to be more permanent.

The above mentioned are just but a few of the many benefits of a penis traction device. Apart from that, It also helps to fix bent cock. It is out of this that we will review the best penis peyronie’s device.

Best Penis Traction Device for Men

If you want to cure your curved penis and want to increase it’s size and girth then make sure to buy any of below device. We tried to highlights their features, advantages as well as their prices.

Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Dick Extender offers a new approach to penis enlargement with amazing features and benefits associated with it.

Features of Phallosan Forte

  • No hard materials: The device is made out of soft materials to make it comfortable for usage. There are no hard materials used in the making of this device yet it performs its work effectively.
  • No stiff mechanism: The device is quite flexible and does not have any stiff mechanism. This is a great feature that makes it comfortable for different people.
  • Effective: This device is not only comfortable but also effective in its functionality. It works well to increase the size of man’s penis.

Advantages of Phallosan Forte

  • This penis traction device can be comfortably worn even with an erection
  • It can be worn when sleeping at night
  • This device is less likely to be show under clothing
  • Can be comfortably worn for extended hours
  • Medically proven to increase penis size.

The price of Phallosan Forte

You can buy Phallosan Extender at the retail price of 339.00 USD plus shipping fee of 25.00 USD when purchased from the company’s website. You can always use coupon codes to reduce your total spending. If you are lucky then final payable cost will reduced by up to 20% off the regular price.

Jes Extender

Jes Extender is also a good penis traction device with the following unique features:


  • Comfortable and lightweight: It is a lightweight penis traction device that is quite comfortable to all users. It is not bulky hence one can wear it for many hours.
  • High quality materials used: In the making of the Jes Extender, only high quality materials have been used. The high quality materials guarantee good results.
  • Permanent results: It works to permanently increase the size of a man’s penis. This makes it possible for men to enjoy sex for the rest of their lives.


Here below are some of the benefits of Jes Extender over other penis traction devices:

  • It can be worn for many hours, including night hours without making one uncomfortable. It is considered as one of the best alternative to phallosan.
  • There are no health risks for using this penis extender
  • Offers quicker results than other devices
  • Clinically proven to increase penis size
  • There is a money-back guarantee just in case you get dissatisfied.

The price of Jes Extender

The price of Jes Extender range from $239 to over $1000 depending on the specs.

Things to consider when buying Penis Traction Device

When buying a penis traction device, the following things should be considered:

  • One of the things to consider is its approval by clinical body. It is better to go for products that are clinically approved
  • Safety is also a great thing to consider. You should know the materials used and how they enhance your safety
  • Also remember to check on the parts that come with it. It is important to have all the parts needed rather than having to buy some parts on your own
  • The price is also a great consideration that should be made. Ensure to pick on a device that fits your budget but again not so cheap to compromise quality.

Above are reviews of two best selling penis traction device that you can use to fix peyronie’s disease in the men.

Best Automatic Jelqing Machine Review

Why you should do Jelqing using hands, when you can perform it with best rated automatic electric machine. Read my review here.

Jelqing has been dubbed as one of the most effective way of increasing the size of a man’s penis. Noting the importance of this activity, we will highlight all that you need to know about Jelqing.

Jelq Machine

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a process of enlarging a man’s penis by squeezing and stroking the penis with an aim of forcing the blood to flow to the tip. Hypothetically, this natural process stretches length and girth.

What are the benefits of Jelqing Machine?

There are many benefits of Jelqing as highlighted here below:

  • Increases penis flaccid size
  • It is a safe and natural method with no health risks
  • It provides a permanent increase in penis length
  • Cheap and effective.

When using Jelqing exercise as your method of increasing penis length, you should know that you have two broad options i.e. you can decide to use your hands or use an auto electronic Jelqing machine. The choice you make here will determine the kind of results you get from Jelqing exercises.

Ideally, one may think that using hands is better than automated Jelqing machine but research has shown that the machines work far much better than hands in both effectiveness and results produced.
buy jelqing device

Why should you buy automatic Jelqing machine?

As mentioned earlier on, using an automated Jelqing device is effective and produces the best results than using your hands to perform this important exercise. To be highlighted here below are some of the main reasons why you should buy an automatic Jelqing machine than use you own hands.

  • Guaranteed results

Jelqing is all about results through the natural way. With this in mind, you need to know that automated Jelqing machines provide men with a guarantee that their penis will increase in size. It is therefore better to use a machine since the results are guaranteed than use your hands where you are not sure of the expected results. It safer than top rated dick extenders.

  • Effective

By far, the Jelqing automated machine is much more effective than the use of hands. The stretcher rely on scientific principles of male enhancement making it more effective than the use of hands.

  • Permanent results

The machine also guarantees the user of permanent results. When you use the remedy to enlarge your penis size, you can be sure that the results will be permanent.

  • Other benefits:

Apart from the stated benefits above, buying phallosan forte and Jelqing device will also provide the following advantages:

  • Improved sexual stamina: only the machine can improve your sexual stamina
  • More libido: using the machine will also help in boosting your libido
  • Harder erections: furthermore, you will experience harder erections
  • Enhance confidence: with a large penis, sexual stamina, more libido and harder erections, you are more likely to have confidence during sex.

These are just but a few of the many benefits that you get when you use an automated Jelq stretcher than using your hands for this exercise.

Best Jelqing Machine Review

Using the Jelqing machine is definitely seen as the best way to increase penis size and thus have a more fulfilling sexual experience. With that in mind, we will highlight some of the advantages of the Jelqing device.


  • Provide length and girth gains: The primary target for the machine is to provide length and girth gain to its users. It does this over time.
  • Quick results: You won’t have to wait for long to experience the results when using this sex toy; it works quite fast.
  • Safe to use: There are no side effects associated with this device. It is purely safe for use.
  • Cost effective: Given the numerous benefits it provides against its selling price, this extender can be said to be cost effective.

automatic jelqing machine review

Final Thoughts on Electronic Jelqing Device

There can be many ways of increasing penis size to fulfill your sexual desires. Of the many methods, using the robotic Jelqing machine is seen as the most effective way of increasing penis size for better sexual performance. It is easy to clean the device where as cleaning phallosan takes some time and extra efforts too.

Best Phallosan Forte Extender Alternatives

The phallosan forte is a penis stretcher that is attached to the outside of the penis and set in a way that it gently pulls the penis. The Phallosan is a good device, but many people are finding extenders that are similar to it.

Why do we need Phallosan forte extender alternative?

The main reasons for the alternatives includes,

  • As per the review of phallosan forte, It is a little bit complicated, making the process of putting it on more complicated. The steps involved are many and you have to do all of them correctly, lest it fails to work.
  • Using it during the day is a little bit of a challenge, especially when you have to go for a number of bathroom breaks
  • The sleeve that comes with it breaks so easily. You have to be too careful with them as they are very sheer, or they will break. Replacing them is a little too expensive as well.

top phallosan forte extender alternatives

Best rated Phallosan Forte Alternatives

There are a number of options which you can use instead of buying phallosan forte, and achieve the same results, if not better. The two that stands out among the rest are Sizegenetics and X4 Labs.


Sizegenetics is a well-recognized brand, having been in the market since 1995.it has survived all the criticism and tests that come with time, to prove just how good it is. Some of its main features and advantages include,

Comfort level and traction

The device uses the Multi Directional Angling technology coupled with the 58-way comfort system. This makes it one of the most comfortable extenders there are in the market. You can even go on to use comfort pads and double harness to achieve ultimate comfort. All these come without possibilities of slippage.

High quality

The device has been beautifully assembled using only the highest quality materials. The packaging is in a leather case that can be locked using a key, with all the components wrapped in plastic at very sanitary conditions. The high quality guarantees durability and when taken good care of, it will last a lifetime.

Other features and advantages include

  • It is 100% safe
  • It does not cause any form of pain when being used.
  • You can use that with penis enlargement remedy guideline too.
  • It provides permanent results with consistent long-term use
  • It increases both the length and the girth of the penis
  • Helps with erectile dysfunction and straightens the penis.

X4Labs extender

The X4 Labs, distributed by a Canadian company, is a penis traction device that brings quick and permanent growth to the penis. Some of the features that make it a great option include,


Comfort is one of the main features in any penis extender device, and X4 Labs have taken good care of that. It is easy to wear it for extended periods of time.


It has a revolutionary 4 in 1 system that fits penis of any size and shape. You will not need to buy another device after experiencing growth.

Other features and advantages include

  • High quality materials used
  • As you know that cleaning phallosan it bit difficult. However, X4labs is maintenance free and durable too.
  • Cheaper prices compared to competition
  • Effective

Phallosan forte condom alternatives

Sleeve is available for only average penis size. Hence, You can opt to buy the penis clamping kit for penis enlargement or the Stretcher Replacement Comfort Sleeves. Get only the silicone tube.

Based on your requirement, you can select any kind of phallosan forte alternatives that suits you.

Natural Ways to Increase Flaccid Size

The size of the penis in its flaccid condition may vary greatly among different men. Studies have shown that majority of men are unsatisfied with the sizes of their penis, and would wish to increase it. The main benefits that come with increasing size include,

  • A penis that is too small in its flaccid form might not look as attractive to women as it should. Among peers, it might actually be a cause for embarrassment. It leads to lack of confidence for the man, which will result in poor performance when it comes to bedroom matters. Increasing the average size of the penis takes all those problems away, restoring confidence and making the man feel great about himself.
  • A penis that is bigger in its flaccid form has the potential to attain even bigger erections. It means that you will be able to perform better in bed, satisfying your woman in all possible ways. Even when you are unable to achieve the maximum erection for whatever reason, your size will still be enough to please your partner.

Best natural ways to increase flaccid size

  1. Stretching the ligaments

There is a ligament which extends just a couple of inches below the pelvic bone and out to your penis, which is mostly responsible for the size of your penis, especially in terms of length. The ligament is referred to as suspensory ligament. Getting some of the inches that hides below the pelvic out to the penis will increase the length of both the flaccid and erect penis. There are a couple of exercises, which you can do in order to stretch this ligament.

  1. Increasing blood circulation

Blood flowing into your penile shaft is one of the most important aspects of attaining bigger sizes for the flaccid and erect penis state. There are a couple of ways, through which you can achieve this, including the use of penis pumps. Make sure to clean your phallosan forte after every usage for it’s long life. Proper and regular exercises will also ensure that your blood flow is great.

  1. Chamber expansion

The penis has three chambers. All the chambers have to be stimulated and expanded naturally in order for you to attain a bigger penis size, both flaccid and erect. There are some specified exercises for achieving this. It might take some time to make the results permanent, so consistency is a key factor.

How Phallosan forte can help you gain Flaccid size?

Phallosan forte refers to one of the best male enhancement devices that you can find in the current market. It was invented back in 2001. The many years that it has been in the market have given the product a great reputation, based on both functionality and quality. You can buy Phallosan Forte online from it’s official website.

It uses a vacuum action to stretch the penis and manipulate it into gaining size. The process is absolutely safe and painless but produces results that will blow your mind. Using it will give you almost instant results that you can take advantage of with your partner. Continued and dedicated use will make the size increase permanent. The increase in penis size is for both the flaccid and erect penis.

This is how, you can increase Flaccid penis size naturally without going through risky surgery or harmful pills.

Phallosan Forte Review – The Best Dick Extender

Want to increase girth and length of your dick? Then, You should buy Phallosan forte dick extender. Check my review for same.

What is Penis Extender?

A dick extender simply refers to one of the most popular options when it comes to penis enlargement remedy and devices. The devices work by literally stretching the penis with long-term effects being that it will gain permanent size increase. They use a gentle traction device for the extension of your penis, which increases both the length and the girth.

phallosan forte penis extender reviews

Things to be Considered while buying Dick extenders

  • Price and durability

Before you buy your penis extender, the price is obviously one of the things you must consider. How much money you have in your budget for the device will greatly influence your choice. However, remember that the cheaper it is, the more likely it is not of high quality and will not be quite durable. Ensure that the quality and durability of the product matches the price that you pay for it.

  • Comfortable and safe

It is very important that the penis extender be very comfortable. The devices require long-term usage for effective results and without comfort, which might prove to be a difficult challenge. Ensure that it feels quite natural to you and that you can wear it for extended periods.

  • Size

Sizes matters a lot in determining its effectiveness. Men have different penis girth sizes meaning that not all dick extenders will fit every one. You need to choose one that is the appropriate fit for you individually to enjoy the best results.

  • Ability to stay in place

The technology used in the dick extender of your choice should be such that it will stay in place during the entire period that you wear it. You definitely do not want it falling off while you are walking or just a few minutes after putting it on. When it is moving, you are also likely to get some rashes on your skin due to the rubbing effect. Look at how sturdy the parts are in order to make the judgment.

  • Adjustability

You need to be able to adjust the penis extender to ensure that you get maximum comfort and the best fit. Extender devices with a wider range of adjustability are better. Those that cannot be adjusted only mean that they will result in problems when your dick size begins to change, or even your body size.

  • materials used

The quality of the materials used must be very high grade, medical standards. The materials are going to be in contact with your skin for extended periods and should therefore have no negative effect on you.

best rated dick extenders

Why Phallosan forte is considered as best dick extender?

The Phallosan forte is the number one choice for most men when it comes to dick extenders. It strengthen your penis naturally and permanently. There are many reasons behind these with the main ones being,

  • material used

Medical silicone, which is anti-allergic, is used to make the parts of the Phallosan forte. This makes it suitable for all men.

  • availability

The Phallosan is widely available all over the world. You can find it even in trusted pharmacies. It comes highly recommended by doctors.

  • Comfort and safety

Phallosan forte is the most comfortable penis extender out in the current market. Wearing it feels so natural and it does not show on top of clothes. It is also so safe that you can even wear it overnight without the risk of injury.

  • Adjustability

You can easily adjust some aspects of the extender to ensure a perfect fit. With the perfect fit, you are assured that the extender will firmly stay in place. Moreover, you can easily clean Phallosan. No any special thing to be considered while using it.

How to Buy Phallosan Forte Extender Online Cheap

Want to buy Phallosan Forte in Canada, UK, US, Australia and other countries? Follow to guide to purchase it online for super cheap!

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The Phallosan Forte extender refers to a unique penis extender that was invented back in 2001 in Germany. Phallosan Forte is worn sideways using an orthopedic belt and works for all men who wish to add a few inches on their size. it is FDA approved and can be found in many pharmacies across the globe.

where to buy phallosan forte cheap online

Why should you buy Phallosan Forte over other Extender?

Most of the other penis extenders are usually uncomfortable, with low quality materials used for construction. Their durability is usually very low and results in you going back to shopping for another extender sooner than you hoped to. The Phallosan extender on the other hand is made of nothing less than the best quality materials of medical grade. The materials not only make it very durable but extremely comfortable to wear as well. It straps on or off quite easily and can be used even during sleep, in whichever position you desire. In simpler words, it is among the most comfortable penis extender devices in the current market.

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The Phallosan is also very effective in terms of performance. The technology employed in its construction makes it a lot more superior in delivering gains as compared to other products in its category. It can apply more tension compared to other extenders, with easy adjustments for more pressure. With consistency, you will be able to gain permanent results within just a couple of weeks. This works for both the length and girth of the penis.

The pricing of the device is also quite reasonable. Taking into account the quality of the materials used as well as its effectiveness in terms of performance, the value is much more than the price that you pay for it. The durability will also ensure that you will have to go buy another device any time soon as you would with most of the other devices. This means that in the long run, you will save a lot more money by choosing the Phallosan Forte. Moreover, you can easily clean the extender without any special care.

How to buy Phallosan Forte Extender for cheap?

You can buy the Phallosan Forte at great discounts by taking advantage of the many offers that are currently present from the official website. Some of the offers include;

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Whenever you buy a full package of the Phallosan Forte, you will get free shipping. The shipping process takes anywhere between 2 to 7 business days depending on the geographical location of the delivery. The packaging of the product is done using a plain parcel that does not indicate the nature of the product in any way. The remittance order does not show the intended purpose of the product.

Promo codes

You can make use of promotion codes to get some good discount from the buying price. The promotion codes can be found from various other sites that try to promote the product in a way. You can earn one by filling out surveys, subscribing to newsletters or even as a gift. Simply use the code during check out to enjoy the discount.

Sales offers

Occasionally, you will get sales offers that you can take advantage of to get the Phallosan Forte at a cheaper price. The offers usually come at any time and do not last for long. in most cases, it is offered on a limited stock and quick action is required to benefit from it.

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Where to buy Phallosan Extender Online?

It is important that you purchase the Phallosan Forte from the official website only as there are many fake resellers and counterfeit products, which do not meet the quality standards. Through the official website, you will be guaranteed of the genuine product. Your order will be covered with 100% money back guarantee, if you don’t satisfy with that.

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You should avoid buying Phallosan Forte from Amazon, eBay, Adam and Eve kind sites. As they are running based on marketplace concept where anyone can sell any kind of products and cheat you. It is the best product, if you don’t have average penis girth and size and looking to increase that naturally without any pills.